Jonathan Drake

FIGHTING: IN(40) HEALTH: 120 AGILITY: RM(30) KARMA: 120 STRENGTH: GD(10) ENDURANCE: IN(40) REASON: IN(40) INTUITION: IN(40) PSYCHE: IN(40) POWERS: Immortality, Invulnerability:age/disease, Resistance to Physical/Energy(GD) TALENTS: Guns, Weapons Specialist(sword), Martial Arts(A, B, C), Pilot(air/space), Astronomy, Computers, Electronics, Sleight of Hand, Driving, Sailing, Musician(guitar), Languages(Federation Standard(English), French, Japanese, Orion), First Aid, Repair/Tinkering, Animal Handling(horse), Leadership, Starfleet Operations, Starship Operations(Constitution Class), Galactic Ports-Of-Call PHYSICAL: 5'11", 170#, athletic build, eyes:blue, hair:chestnut, apparent age:34 PLANET/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Earth/United States HISTORY: Starship Captain(U.S.S. Constellation 2250-2259)