Current Year: 620CY

Latitude/Climate: 36 deg N/ Temperate, four seasons -
                  warm/hot summers, chilly winters with light to moderate
                  snowfall in December/January, rainfall and humidity are
                  average, occasional coastal storms with high winds and

Population: 6500 humans (not counting men-at-arms) in the town proper
            850+ demi-humans, humanoids, and mutants
            1000+ daily visitors (foreign merchants/traders, artisans,
                  scholars, travelers, sailors, river captains, performers,
                  technologists, diplomats, mercenaries, adventurers, etc)                 
            2000 in small villages, hamlets, and farms within 5-6 miles
                 east, west, and south. North, across the river, the
                 population is much less(~200) as the Wildwood comes much 
                 closer to town - anywhere from 1 1/2 miles distance to 
                 just a few yards from the river's edge. The land is 
				 rolling hills, fields, and woodlands.

Primary Language: Common          

Area: Aurora is located in a wilderness area along the Tusken River* (north 
      wall stands back from the river), 60 miles west of its mouth at Azure 
      Bay. Further north, beyond the dense forest, is a great, bottomless lake
      (Beryl Lake#) in the Western March. The Moon River** connects the lake 
	  to the Tusken, 1/2 mi west of town       
      To the south is the Wildwood and low hills, followed by bandit lands
      To the east is a great marsh/swamp - The Witch of the Fens lives here
      - then the Wildwood continues on to the coast and Azure Bay.
      To the west is the Wildwood then rolling steppe leading to tall
      mountains beyond (Majestic Mountains) and a great wasteland/desert 
	  beyond the mountains(the Dune Sea). The physical size of the town is
	  about 3/4mi x 3/4mi.

       * The Tusken is just over 100yds wide. It begins in the Majestic Mountains,
         runs southeast, then east across the steppe. It continues through the
         Greenmarsh and the Wildwood before emptying into Azure Bay. 

      ** The Moon River is so named because for several nights each month,
         around the time of the full moon, the river takes on a silvery,
         ethereal glow and a thin, glowing mist, like gauzy moonbeams, hangs
         above the water. The Moon River is a narrow body of water, around
         30 yards wide on average. Trade between Aurora and the lake towns
         on Beryl Lake uses this river.

        # Beryl Lake is 210 miles long and runs roughly SW to NE, much as Lake
          Erie does. It is considered bottomless as its depth is unknown. At
          its NE end is a city/fortress of cyclopean walls - the Technomancers.
          Large Lake Dragons frolic in the waters at the north end, though they
          can be found throughout the lake, as can the fearsome Dragon Turtle.

Smaller Bodies of Water:
      Lime Creek - meanders north from the Stone Hills(quarry), under Caravan 
                   Road, and into the Tusken
      Mine Creek - meanders west from the mines, under Forest Road, then north
                   under Three Mile Run, turns east to re-cross Forest Road,
                   then north again, under the Marsh Road and around the west
                   border of The Grove before emptying into the Tusken east of

Rulership: A mayor is elected by popular vote every 3 years. The mayor appoints
           replacements of chief city officials when necessary and is advised by
		   a council made up of these same officials, prominant scholars, sages,
		   master artisans, technologists, the High Judge, merchants and traders,
		   the Captain-General of the town guard, and large land owners. The mayor 
           and his council meet once a month to discuss matters of import, though
           any of the members may call an emergency session if need be. Private 
           citizens can also bring problems and concerns to the mayor at any time.
           The mayor lives in the mayoral mansion close by the Old Keep. 		   

City Guard: 300 men-at-arms in medium armor + citizen militia, river patrol of
            180 sailors (each boat carries 10-14 plus specialists), the mayor
            appointed Captain-General is Benjamin du Lion, a noble knight from
            a great house far to the north (F:14, platemail and sword +3).
			Men-at-arms armor has large plates over soft leather, vambraces, 
            greaves, open-faced helm with nasal and cheekguards, heater shield,
            longsword, dagger, handaxe, light lance/longspear or composite short 
            bow. Mount is a medium warhorse. Clothing color is pale rose with 
			summer green cloaks. Sailors wear brigandine.
Overall technology: Renaissance level with some steampunk(and higher) tech, 
                    indoor plumbing, chemical globe streetlamps, streets are
                    packed earth/crushed stone with stone pavers or cobbles, 
                    cambered and guttered for drainage and sewers, raised stone
                    sidewalks, buildings are 2-4 storeys and made of stone, wood,
                    brick, and plaster primarily, some have electric generators
                   (not a few are powered by lightning elementals)                                  

City Gates: The gates are manned day and night. After 10pm only the River, Wharf, Sunrise,
            Sunset, and Market Gates are open.
            River Gate: north wall to bridge across the Tusken and the wharves. The
                        bridge is an arched, stone drawbridge.
			Stock Gate: just east of the River Gate, stock are unloaded here for slaughter
			Water Gate: river entrance for the shipyard, northeast side
            Wharf Gate:  on the north wall, east of the River Gate. Leads to the wharves
            Timber Gate: on the north wall, west of the River Gate. Timber floated 
                         down the rivers is brought into town through this gate.                        
            Sunrise Gate: east wall to the Marsh Road
            Granger Gate: east wall north of the Marsh Gate, drovers bring their herds 
                          in through this gate to the slaughterhouses, leads to Circle Lane
            Sunset Gate: west wall, Abbey Road to Freitukk Abbey and new town graveyard
            Market Gate: south wall, Forest Road to Crossroads Village, agate mine, and Wildwood
            Caravan Gate: South wall, west of Market gate. This is where caravans enter
            Smuggler's Gate:  at the culvert, known only to a few, still used occasionally 
			                  when someone wants to enter or leave the city unobserved. 

North Wall
Mills** -> TG -> RG -> Fish Market -> WG -> Shipyard

** Also masonry, brickyard, lumberyard, foundry, charcoal, limemaker, tannery, dyers,
   soapmaker, etc

Defenses: City wall(20' high), towers every 300 feet, the roads are heavily
          patrolled by medium cavalry - the Caravan Road out to about 15mi,
          the rivers are patrolled by small, steam-propelled boats, and a 
          variety of defenses against hostile warships and aerial attacks 
          can also be employed.

       River Road - Runs on the north side of the Tusken from 1/4 mi west of the River
                    Bridge, to the Greenmarsh about 6 miles away. It is made of packed
                    earth and stone/crushed stone with stone pavers cambered and
                    guttered for drainage.       
       Abbey Road - Runs from the Sunset Gate to Freitukk Abbey and new town cemetary.
                    Beyond the abbey, the road bends south and connects to the Caravan
                    Road. It is made of packed earth and stone/crushed stone with stone 
                    pavers cambered and guttered for drainage.
       Caravan Road - Leads west from the Caravan Gate, through western farmlands, forest,
                      steppe, and then on through the Majestic Mountains 60 miles away. 
                      For the first 6 miles it is made of packed earth and stone/crushed
                      stone with stone pavers cambered and guttered for drainage. Beyond 
                      that it is packed earth. 
       Forest Road - Leads from the Market Gate, though the southern farmlands. It runs
                     for only about 6 miles then becomes a dirt trail which vanishes into
                     the wilderness. It is made of packed earth and stone/crushed stone
                     with stone pavers cambered and guttered for drainage.
       Marsh Road - Runs from the Sunrise Gate through the eastern farmlands before
                    vanishing into the Greenmarsh 6 miles away. It is made of packed
                    earth and stone/crushed stone with stone pavers cambered and guttered
                    for drainage for the first 6 miles.
       Circle Lane - 1/2 mile outside of town, runs in a semi-circle from Caravan Road,
                     across the Forest Road, across the Marsh Road, and connects to the
                     Granger Gate. It is made of packed earth and stone/crushed stone 
                     with stone pavers cambered and guttered for drainage.


       Quarry Road - Leads SW from the Caravan Road to the limestone and marble quarry.
                     It is made of packed earth and stone/crushed stone with stone pavers
                     cambered and guttered for drainage.
       Menhir Road - Leads south from Caravan Road to the Old Henge. It is packed
                     earth and lined with tall menhirs of blue-gray stone. 3/4 of a
                     mile from town.
       Three Mile Run - leads from the end of Quarry Road(at the quarry) east, crossing
                        the Forest Road 3 miles south of town, then horshoeing up to connect
                        with the Marsh Road 3 miles east of town. Crossroads Village is
                        located at the Forest Road intersection. The road is made of packed
                        earth and stone/crushed stone with stone pavers cambered and guttered
                        for drainage
       Kane's Path - Leads from Kwai Chang Monastery down to River Road just west of the River
                     Bridge. It is a narrow dirt path
       Mine Creek Road - Leads west from near the southern end of the Forest Road to the agate
                         mine a few miles east. The road is narrow and made of packed earth 
                         and stone/crushed stone. Many types of Chalcedony are found here 
                         including chrysoprase, carnelian, jasper, tiger's eye, onyx, bloodstone
                         and several forms of agate.

Trade: 1-2 caravans/week from over the mountains (Dune Sea)
       2-3 ships/week from the coast/Azure Bay
       Several river boats from the lake towns of Beryl Lake
       Dwarven traders from Ironstar Mountain
       Gnome traders/technologists
       Ivory from the Steppe Nomads(through Dwarven or other sources)

       Exports: precious stones, exotic plants and animals, rare woods, spices,
                dyed textiles, finished goods, absinthe, toys, tech knowledge 

It's been 620 years since The Fading** of the Great Kingdom(Avalon) which once
occupied the region now known as the Wastelands. The descendants of those who 
were once Knights of Avalon (now known as Rangers or Gunslingers) still patrol
the wilderness helping those in need. This is a world of superscience and sorcery.
Small pockets of civilization surrounded by vast tracts of dangerous wilderness
fight to survive and thrive...and, maybe, rebuild what once was. 

Aurora had its start over 600 years ago as a small fishing and trading village 
built by refugees fleeing over the Mountains from The Fading. Most continued 
eastward, pushing aside the local inhabitants and eventually founding new 
cities and kingdoms. A few (around 800 at the time) stopped here, at the
confluence of two rivers in what they called the Wildwood, to begin anew.

Aurora is a large town, a point of trade between several widely separated areas
of civilization, and a refuge for humans and humanoids of all kinds. It is
connected by waterways to both the great lake to the north beyond the forest and
to the sea 60 miles to the east(Azure Bay). Large caravans from the desert kingdoms
across the Majestic Mountains stop here on their way to the coast or the laketowns 
of the north. 
Over the years, the town has become a haven, a meeting place, and a chance to begin
anew for artisans and craftsmen, inventors and technologists, spellcasters and psions,
merchants and traders, escaped slaves and mutants, adventurers and soldiers of fortune,
freebooters and free thinkers, and demi-humans and humanoids of all kinds.
The feel of Aurora is somewhere between Renaissance Florence and an Old West frontier
town. The laws are just, taxes are fair, and adventure is to be found by all who desire

    ** The Fading - The swift, magical fading from the world of The Great Kingdom and
                    all of its culture, technology, magic, and civilization back into 
                    the Dimension of Dreams.                    
                    The dessication of the land and its covering over with the Sands
                    Of Time.
                    The Moving On of the world from what once was to what now is.
                    Temporal Stasis.

Businesses and Buildings and Areas:

Riverside Plaza (at the River Gate, The Ork Carnival sets up here each Spring)
Sunset Plaza (at the Sunset Gate, street performers, Lion and Dragon Dance
             during the Celestial New Year, lightning bug lights in the 
Plaza del Sol (at the Sunrise Gate, red coral flagstone)
Jasmine Park (with ampitheatre)
Garden Circle (flowers of all hue and kind, prisms reflect light), florist stalls
Topiary  Gardens
Compass Square
The Angle
The Green
Market Square (at Market Gate, Farmers' Market, Giant Yule tree at Winter Solstice
              - has electric lights cheery Yuletime music from Snow Dwarves of the
              far north)
Artisan's District (between Sunset Gate and the river. Many fine tradesmen can be 
                   found here)
The Old Keep (men-at-arms are garrisoned and supplied here)

Caravan District - A large, grassy field filled with Colorful pavilions, thatched
                   huts, timber barns, awninged booths, wooden stalls, and glittering
                   bazaars in SW corner of the town. Here is where caravans from over
                   the the mountains, along with other traveling merchants and traders,
                   stop and set up. Paths of dirt or wood lead between them. There are
                   several large stables here as well as shops and services needed by 
                   the caravans. This area is a constant beehive of activity as merchants
                   and traders from the desert, mountains, great lake, and coast visit 
                   regularly. Many have a semi-permanent presence in Aurora, being con-
                   tinually resupplied by caravans and ships from their home cities. 
                   Caravans enter town through the Caravan Gate.

                   Trail's End Supplies and Feed Store (repair shop out back) 
                   Sleeping Giant Inn 
                   The Giant's Club - tavern (attached to Sleeping Giant Inn via covered

Public Buildings and Services
Old Keep - Remains of an ancient walled tower with outbuildings now repaired and
           used to house and maintain the men-at-arms who defend the town. There
 		   is a smaller armory here in the base of the tower, as well as private 
		   stables, storage, and barracks. SE quadrant on a low rise.
Town Hall/Council Forum/Aurora Admin Bldg - 
           town planning, taxes and census, weights and measures, public works
		   and maintenance, trade, lamplighters, streetsweepers)
Courthouse/Chief Constable's Office
Bank of Aurora/Treasury/Mint
Hall of Records - archive and main library, *also the town billboard is out front*
Town Armory - weapons and armor storage and care for the militia and townsfolk
Fishmarket (near the Wharf Gate, Serpentine Fountain)
Farmer's Market (Near Market Gate)
Town Stables (pack teams can be rented here)
Town Depot(wains, carts, and barrels)
Town Wells/Well Pumps
Town Dump - Black pudding
Wednesday's Mortuary
Town Water, Sanitation, and Sewage Center
Aurora Public School
Town Courier
Sylvan Playhouse
Warehouses(goods) and Silos(grain storage)
Tusken Ferry (Aurora to a logging camp on the west bank of the Moon River)
Trade, Customs, and Duties
Clock Tower(on Tech Bldg and Town Hall, both have chimes/bells)
Shipyard - Builds primarily river/lake boats along with a few oceangoing vessels 
           (keelboats, galliots/galeases, xebecs, schooners, sloops, and brigantines).
           Steamboats and boats powered by elemental forces or ancient tech have also
           been built on occasion.		   
Naval Barracks
Boarding Houses/Flop Houses
Watchtower (by south wall)
Troll House - On the Tusken River Bridge. Restaurant, public bathrooms, town and area
              maps, local information

Churches/Shrines/Places of Learning/Magic
Church of the Good Shepherd - dedicated to an ancient benevolent deity, beggars are
                              fed and clothed, the sick are healed, dissidents are 
                              given santuary('sanctuary' is generally respected by 
                              all), and undead are blessed and returned to the earth.
                              A protection from evil spell surrounds church, stone
                              structure, steeple with bells, stained glass windows, 
							  clerics dress in white, wooden crook and chalice(holy symbol), 
                              holy days - winter solstice - light in the dark times
                              and celebration of togetherness, spring equinox - life 
                              renewal/rebirth and rededications, many white candles 
                              on an altar of blue lace agate, everburning light in the
                              highest window of the steeple, run by Barnabas (CL:17,
                              Neutral Good, WIS:18). Located in downtown.

Shrine of Morgan - Shrine to the quasi-deity Morgan(hidden, mazy alley, down stairs to 
                   hidden door), vault lights from the sidewalk above light the chamber -
                   geocache for adventurers, tech items, tech recharging apparatus.
                   (Morgan, now a quasi-deity, left the world in 577CY)

Temple of Bonz -  magical and non-magical healing, very reasonable fees (donations of
                  medical/healing tomes, scrolls, and instruments found by adventurers 
                  are gladly accepted in lieu of payment). Located at the University
                  (NW side), Mac (CL:16)				  

Temple of the Zodiac - Worship of the planets and stars, all of which represent aspects
                       of the psyche/personality. Sacred Astrology.
                       Marid influence, arab arches, onion domes, arabesque frescoes and
                       murals, observatory, astronomy, all are welcome. The interior of 
					   the main dome is made of lapis and gold with a fresco of stars and
					   planets. Located in the Caravan District.
					   NOTE: Marid is a city on the Bay of Kalamar at the south end of the
					   Wastelands. The inhabitants were Spelljamming traders from another
					   world who had had trade relations with the Great Kingdom for many
					   generations. Upon returning from a trade run and seeing the devast-
					   ating results of The Fading, they decided to stay on this world and 
					   rebuild the decayed city in the hopes that civilization and trade 
					   would once again flourish. Marid Skyport(Spelljammers' port) sits 
					   very near an ancient spaceport originally built on the same site in
					   the Time of the Ancients. Marid, given its provenance, gives homage
					   and worship to the stars and planets. 
Moon Palace - dedicated to the moon maiden, maze of rotundas, cupolas, porticos all stacked
              together, highly polished mirrors refract the light of the moon throughout the
              temple, garden of moonflowers that only bloom on moonlit nights, moon well -
              visions in the water, entire building glows in the dark, columns, Priestess
              Cassandra (CL:13, AL:N), located on the westside.			  

              Moonmaid (moon, luck, mysteries, secrets, romance, wild sex, wanderers, magic) 

Chapel of Nemo(god of mariners) - altar/statue of aquamarine, saltwater offerings pool,
                                  oblong structure built from driftwood, porthole windows
                                  of sea glass, fixtures/implements of shell, Korrigan(CL:11)							  

Tower of the Purple Sage(archmage) - scholarly knowledge, spells cast for a fee, tower is
                                     made of a dark, fluorescent purple stone, located on
									 the NW side, MU:23

College of Technology - Tech items/Technology bought, examined, and taught here, located on    
                        the NW side

College of the Humanities - The Muses, brownstone buildings with ivy growing, located on
                            the NW side

Tower of the Logrus - Wizards' school, tower is darkly iridescent, the ghosts of those
                      masters who once taught here still guard, and take care of the tower,
					  located on the NW side

ODO's - Only Dropped Once - used weapons and armor for a reasonable price
The Danesman - (Ragnar) - Smith, armorer, weaponsmith, Volmerung immigrant to Aurora
Iron Mountain - Dwarven ironsmith and armorer
Hammer and Tongs - Dwarven smithy
The Dented Helm - used and refurbished armor and weapons, trade ins welcome
Little Round Halfling - pies and pastries, Run by Otto, a retired hobbit adventurer now
                        specializing in confections
Barliman's Bakery
Wonka's Candy Castle - The finest candies in the world
The Cookie Tree - Elven operated cookies and crackers bakery(located inside a Dwarf Mallorn)
Hatchet Molly's Butcher Shop - Molly is from the Marches, husband killed in Minotaur raid, 
                               she fought them off with an axe and later became a butcher,
							   Listens to loud music when carving in the back
The Apple Barrel - apple butter(local), jams, preserves, marmalades, nuts, spreads, syrups,
                   sauces, peanut butter, cocoa
Aunt Delilah's Dry Goods and General Store				   
Two Bits - barber shop, hair-styling, manicures,  has gumball machine - handfull for 1cp
Lotus Blossom - body care services and products from the Far West, soaps, perfumes, fragrances,
                cosmetics, body oils, scented candles, massages, etc
Evening Star - fine evening wear/formal wear/lingerie, colognes/perfumes/scents
Panacea - apothecary
Xanadu - medicinal and recreational herbs and drugs, pipes and paraphernalia
Finnegan's Adventurer Supply Shop(and fence)
X Marks The Spot - maps of all kinds, mapping tools, novelty treasure maps(some may be real),
                   mining tools, caving
Moonlighters - Thieves tools, disguise kits, exotic/hidden weapons, specialty items, locksmith,
               run by Templeton(TH10)
Guiding Star - Nautical charts and instruments
ACME Tools - fine tools,  hand tools, heavy equipment, electrical generators(on occasion),
             run by Tim
Stone Mountain Contracting - design and building, dwarves, gnomes, etc
Fred's Junk Emporium - junk dealer, repairs
Bandit Freighthaulers - teamsters, packhandlers, and porters may be hired here
Gizmo's - mechanisms, clockworks, and steamworks seller, fine tech tools, tech repairs, Gnome
Jasper's - fine clocks, mechanical toys, and music boxes, (Dwarven owned)
Macguyver's - science books/lab equipment/educational kits/supplies
Zumdahl's - chemicals, chemistry/alchemy apparatus
Big Blue Box - tech/extra-planar items identified, bought and sold, extra-dimensional space
               inside, run by The Doctor
Stocking Full of Toys- toys, toys, toys, candy, sweets, sparklies, run by an old, largish
                       half-elf named Kris, lots of colored lights illuminate the place and
    				   there is always egg nog, hot chocolate, and cookies. Kris seems to
					   make a lot more toys than is possible for one man...perhaps he has
Finndo's - Gnome jeweler(and fence)
Puffin Printing House - town printers, printing supplies, bookbindery
The Dwarven Touch - engravings, inlay, filigree, reliefs, carvings, embellishments
Frobozz Sorcery Supplies - "high magic" supplies, wands, rare animal parts, buy/sell,
                           spells cast for a fee
The Black Cauldron - magic supplies, herbs, crystals/gemstones, wands, alchemical ingredients, 
                     potions, poisons, divination tools, minor enchantments
Seymour's (Little Shop of Wonders) - exotic plants
Dolittle's Exotic Pets (buy, sell, veterinarian, speaks with animals)
Ancient Ways Animal Training and Handling - Caleb(half-0rk ranger:8)
Copper Kettle - tinker, tinsmith, coppersmith
City of Brass - brass and bronzeworks, smiling efreet on sign
Smokerings - tobacconist, pipe maker, meerschaum carver, run by Old Toby(hobbit)
Aromas - coffee and tea house, drink in or carry out
Arkm's Rare Books and Curios (magical and mundane)
Hearthside Books - books, manuscripts, and writings of all kinds
Fedora's Importers/Exporters(Morgan's old outfit)
Marquis' - fettish shop, leatherware, sex shop, piercings
Salamander's - tattoos, piercings, hair-styling/dyeing, half-elf punk chick named Acid
Gossamer - Elven clothing from fashionable to functional, elven art, run by a different 
           elf each visit
Huntsman - hunters and rangers attire and tools, bows, owned by Orion (9th lvl Ranger)
Leather Corral - Leather goods, rawhide goods
1001 Treasures of the Sultan - exotic goods from the desert kingdoms (run by Ali, Thief 12)
Northern Star - exotic furs, pelts, horn, amber, fabrics, etc, from the far north, run by
                Sigurd(8th level barbarian)
Azim's Magic Carpet Ride - Persian rugs(both mundane and magical)
Celestial Treasures - curios and clothing from the Far West.
Pasha's Pavilions and Palanquins
Golden Goose - jewelry, precious stones and metals
Pot O' Gold - gold and silver jewelry, metalsmith
Aladdin's - lamps, lanterns, candles, candelabras, braziers, sconces
Through the Looking Glass - mirrors, lenses, telescopes, microscopes, optics, prisms
Grandma's Quilt - fabric and upholstery of all kinds, crafting supplies
Dream Weavers - clothing, embroidery done
Polar Lights - cold weather gear, mountaineering
Jeremiah's - skins, furs, pelts, clothing, shoes, headware, accessories, taxidermist
The Dugout - sports and recreation equipment
The Petal Throne - fine furniture, carpets, curtains, and upholstery
Cherry Blossums - ceramics, pottery, porcelain, lacquered items, woodcuts, scrimshaw,
                  ivory, run by Taka (female from islands country in the Far West who
                  makes many of the items)
Crystal Palace - fine crystal...everything, glassblowers, quartz
Joyous Palette - painting, arts and crafts, run by Bob
Florist Shop - at Garden Circle, Taz (demon, AL:CG, HD:10, AC:2, DMG:2D6, MR:75%, green, scaly, 6' tall,
(Elysium)      pointed ears, toothy grin, +2 or better to hit, STR:18, INT:19, Immune to sleep/charm/mind 
			   control, disease, aging, hold spells, fear, illusion spells, poison, feeblemind, magic jar,
			   polymorph, and all similar spells. Half damage from heat/cold/electrical. Has darkvision 60',
			   Can cast read magic, detect magic, tongues, comprehend languages, detect invisible, dispel
			   magic(at 11th level) all at will. He can also cast any cantrip and use any spellcaster item
			   without negative effect. Taz loves snapdragons, sings at the Green Parrot karaoke night,
			   knows origami, writes haikus, and is a pretty good cook.
Imhotep's - paper, parchment, vellum, inks, quills, fountain pens, all your scribal needs
Eye of the Tiger - bare bones fighter training gym for locals
Feathered Hat Fencing Salon(friendly rivalry with Jaunty Plume)
Jaunty Plume Fencing Academy(friendly rivalry with Feathered Hat)
Night Fever Dance Studio
Cindi's Magic Pumpkin Coach/Carriage Rental - town taxi service by Jasmine Park, 2-3cp
                                              in town, 1sp for rides outside of town
Thieves' Guild (run by Ishi, TH:14, female raccoon mutant)
Dunsel's - boating supplies, repairs/refurbishing, canoe building
Martinique Boating Tours and Rentals - run by Morgan(F:8/TH:5), his boat is the Marie
March Hare Hat Co. - also scarves and neckerchiefs
Unchained Melodies - luthier, piano maker, repairs and music lessons, sheet music, transcriptions,
                     Bretta (half-ork, female, wears gossamer elven clothes, Bajoran earring, TH:5,
					 BD:8, MU:2)
					 ** Bretta lives in Morgan's old house, 1/2 mile north of town near the
                        edge of the woods. She was an orphan adopted as a child and raised
                        by Paladin(died in 602), Morgan's hobbit steward.
Canary Song - music shop, brass, percussion, woodwinds, keyboards, sheet music, records, turntables
             (owned by the Red Canary, a sultry jazz singer famous in Carnelian)						
Smuggler's Hold - spice merchant, ex boat captain, F:12
Solomon's - fine wines and brandies, liquors and liqueurs, ales
Green Fairy Absinthe Distillery
Green Goblin Brewery - local brewery
The Gypsy Eye - run by Raven(female TH:9/MU:6), occult writings, esoteric items, rare finds,
                art, clothing, information, divinations cast, lucky charms, lost things found
Dobby's - home repairs of all kinds - we fix anything, run by goblins, small round building
Flynn's Arcade - ancient arcade machines powered by an equally ancient electrical generator
                 far below ground.
Pandora's Box - magical and mundane gifts / everything shop
Trinkets - small shiny things, pewterware
The Dungeon / Dragon's Lair - games store and tavern located in the original gatehouse of the
                              Old Keep. (Old Grognards' Tavern is also in the gatehouse.)
Prof Farnsworth's Flying Whirlygigs - autogyro tours and rentals
Nero's Bathhouse - (magically)heated and cold pools, marble columns, satyrs and nymphs murals
Grandad's Bait and Tackle

Inns and Taverns, Restaurants and Recreation
Bloody Jack's Bar and Grill(great place for seafood, divey)
Wolf's Revenge - BBQ joint, red brick
Snoozy Goose - breakfast till noon, served up s-l-o-w-l-y, mimosas and bloody marys
               while you wait
Nemo's Sub Shop - sandwiches of all kinds, run by a retired sea captain
The Duke's Room - restaurant, jazz lounge, martinis
Blue Lagoon - restaurant, decorated as an exotic underwater grotto, pool with 
              private alcoves
Lamplighter Restaurant - overlooks Central Park, gas lamps and glowspheres
Dragon of the Black Pool - asian restaurant run by Egg Shen(MU 11/MK 8, Gold Dragon).
                           This place right next door to Celestial Treasures, large
                           jade dragon sculpture inside, onyx pool

Old Grognard's Tavern - Located in the original gatehouse of the Old Keep. Owned by 
                        retired foreign Admiral Arness and Field Marshall Zagy. Stories,
                        Bards, tabletop strategy games, dark ale, "guarded" by a small
                        lunar dragon, adventurers may be found here, bulletin board
Green Parrot Bar - colorful Jimmy Buffet-type place, seafood, cajun food, margaritas,
Snake's Den - Bar run by "Snake"(F:8) - ex military, euepatch, black cobra tattoo on torso.
              Smuggling on the side. Tech weapons may be bought/sold here by those few 
              who know about the place. Thieves' tools and specialty items are also sold
              in the back. A good place to contact mercenaries/men-at-arms/smugglers for
              hire. Billiards, gambling, tattoo parlor, jukebox, cage/pit fights
Blue Wyvern Tavern - unofficial HQ of Wyvern Company - a famous merc company founded in 
                     527 by Deirdre Barimen. Their symbol is a blue wyvern rampant on a  
                     black field. Unofficial news of doings around the land, men-at arms, 
			         scouts/guides, magical means of communication with the Blue Wyvern 
					 Tavern in Portown
Shields Tavern - walls decorated with the heraldry of famous knights of Avalon, large stone
                 fireplaces, mahogany tables with candles, dark ales and ciders, elk horn
		         chandeliers, occasional bardic performances, rangers sometimes meet here
Sandbar - fisherman's pub on river wharves, wooden structure on pilings, long and narrow
The Brick Cellar - pub, several homebrews and beer from around the world, red brick under-,
                   croft, brick arches, huge brick fireplace, bardic performances, bawdy
Sign of the Unicorn - tavern, popular with spellcasters and bards, heroic tales and magic
Valhalla - drinking hall, drinking horns and steins, long wooden tables, viking motif,
           throwing axe competitions
The Underground - hidden tavern in part of a buried ancient city, it's down some stairs,
                  across a hidden courtyard, through a secret door, dark ale, rangers
                  sometimes meet here, scouts/guides may be found here

Under the Bed - Humanoid bar/nightclub, brothel
Adamantium - mutants and psionics nightclub/brothel
The Mausoleum - Gothic club built inside of a mausoleum in the old town cemetary
Vlad's Castle - dark, gothic, dance club, fetish, sex dungeons, run by a vampire
Frankenstein's - Techno bar, Cosplay, "sign outside("Where we can all be monsters"),
                 sign inside(Please, no open flame), Flesh Golem bouncer, electric
                 lights, tesla coils throw static electricity all around the inside,
                 jacob's ladder, b/w reel-to-reel horror movies run constantly
Prismatic - dance club, music, exotic liqueurs, illusionist shows

Pleasure Dome - brothel (upstairs from Xanadu), massage parlor, orient(Far West)
The Silk Room - brothel, persian influence
Black Pearl - brothel, pirate treasure cavern decor
Glass Slipper - brothel, victorian design

Goodnight Moon - inn 
The Mallorn Bough - inn (treehouse)                                   
The Mermaid's Arms - inn 
River Rat - inn, tavern
The Pillow Den - inn
Old Red Barn - inn, tavern
Hearthstone Inn - inn, tavern, bardic performances, meat and spicy potatoes, 
                  many homebrewed ales, mulled wine, bawdy               


Interesting Things 

1) Serpentine Fountain - Located in the Fish Market. Fountain is of serpentine
                         stone with many intricate carvings of sea creatures
                         all around it. Water Weird. Does no damage, collapses
                         after 3 rounds, splashing everyone within 10 feet. re-
                         forms in D4 rounds.

2) Aurora (goddess of dawn) Statue - Constructed from one giant carnelian crystal.
                                     Each day at the hour of dawn, she pivots to
                                     face the sun and spreads her wings and raises
                                     her hands to the sun. This lasts for one hour, 
                                     after which she lowers her arms and wings for
                                     the rest of the day. The stone catches and stores
                                     the sunlight, so that at night, she radiates a
                                     soft, reddish, sparkling glow until the hour 
                                     before dawn. The statue is 12' tall and is located
                                     in Plaza Del Sol at the Sunrise gate.

3) River Bridge Troll - On the bank underneath the Tusken River Bridge. Carved from
                        green limestone. Only head, shoulders and hands visible. The
                        rest is buried in the bank? 									 

Street Names:
Old Main St
Central Ave
Commerce St
Hall St
Water St
Treasury Ln
Sequin St
Merchant St
Wall St
Wain St
Church St
Garland St
Glitter St
Monument Ave
Folio St
Maple St
Migrant St
Graymouse Rd
Cemetary Rd
Armory Ln
Courthouse Rd
Elm St
Wlllow Rd
Bath St
Arcade St
Cheshire Ln
Old Harbor St
Culvert Rd
Meadowbrook Ln
Fox Run
Stair St
Shamrock Ln
Shadewall St
Orchard Ln
Green Way
Watchtower Rd

Morningside Ave
Sunrise Ave
Clover Ln
Woodside Ave
Fern St
Hedges Ln
Sextant Rd
Nautical Way
Fountain St
Market Street (runs from the Fish Market at northern end to the Market Gate)
Park St
East Park St
West Park St
Terrace Ln
Tunnelly St
Hillside Ave

Broad St
Stockyard St
Shipyard Way
Dockside Ave
Wharf St
Canvas St
Slaughterhouse Rd
Smokehouse Rd
Dray Way

Boundary Ln
Granary Ln
Strangebrew St
Storehouse Rd
Cartwheel Ave
Old Mill Rd
Lumbermill Rd
Baker St
Coalbin Rd
Foundry Ln
Brickyard Rd
Stonemason St
Lime St
Cobble Ln
Industrial Way
Tannery Rd
Long St

Pavilion St
Ivy Ln
College Ave
Campus St
Lantern St
Gallery Ave

Love St
Artisan St
Sunset Blvd
Bazaar St
Arbor Ln
Blossom Ln
Weaver St

Roses St
Cottage St
Carnival Way
Trail's End Rd
Canopy St 

Places Very Near Aurora:
Quarry - limestone, marble, a few miles southwest of town in the Stone Hills

Agate Mine - at the end of Mine Creek Road SE of town

Old Henge - Temple for the worship of the "Old Gods" - nature gods residing within everything.
            Unknown builders, strange dreams/occurances/lights in lake, pagan nature rituals,
            stone henge located 3/4 mile SW of Aurora, Menhir Road - tall standing stones along 
            its length - leads to it from the Caravan Road that runs due west over the mountains
            to the Wastelands.
Freitukk Abbey/New Town Graveyard - Abbey Road runs west from the Sunset Gate to the Freitukk Abbey
                                    where the town cemetary is located. Freitukk Abbey is run by a
                                    jovial monk of middle years (Robin Canterwell, CL:12, AL:NG, 
                                    INT:16, WIS:16, CON:18, Shoes of Fharlanghn, Staff of Striking +3,
                                    silver dagger) who keeps hives of giant bees and is known for his 
                                    unsurpassed mead, honey, and honeyed ale.
                                    He may be in conversation with a Treant(AC:2, HD:8, MV:6", can 
                                    command up to 2 trees nearby and they will have a MV of 3"), as 
                                    they are known to visit the abbey. 
									Freitukk is an old god of harvests, bounty, growing things, the
                                    cycle of birth and death, generosity, and hospitality.
The Grove - Oak grove east of town, just north of the Marsh Road(Stev-o the druid lives here. Crikey!)
            DR:14, CON:18, boomerang +3, can speak with animals, permanent Animal Friendship.

Xavier's School for Mutants and the Psionically Gifted - 1 mile northeast of town at the forest's edge.

Morgan Star's Old House - 3/4 mile north of town, near the forest. Bretta lives here now, 5 acres,
                          4' tall fence around backyard with lightglobes spaced along it which fade
						  from brighter yellow down to dark orange

Nuanda's Shrine (inside a small cave system) - Old god of wine, revelry, song, and sex. Offerings of
                                               poetry, art, and music are left here. Young lovers
                                               often meet here. Located just north of the monastery
                                               near the Moon River.   
Full Moon Saloon - Erotic dance, run by "a hairy-handed gent", at the intersection of Three Mile Run
                   with Marsh Road

Dusk Till Dawn - Roadhouse run by an old undead-hunter, 4 1/2 miles east along River Road 

The Edge of Town - tavern/inn, located three miles out Caravan Road just passed the Quarry Road

Crossroads Village - 3 miles south of Aurora at the crossing of the Forest Road and Three Mile Run.
                     The village includes:
					 1) Sam's Spade Shop (farming implements, feed, and seed)
					 2) General Store  (has gumball machine - handfull for 1cp)
					 3) Smithy
					 4) Jonathan's Wains and Wagons
					 5) Chapel of Bonz (Keeley, CL:9)
					 6) Crossroads Tavern (pitchfork on sign, owned by "Granny" a rather pleasant
					    Night Hag)						
                     The local militia gathers on the village green the third Saturday of every month 
                     to train with spear and bow.
Logging Camp - across the Tusken from Aurora, west of the Moon River. A steamboat ferry travels between
               the two.

Shrine of Roland - Ranger shrine dedicated to a hero of the Last Battle (after which The Fading began).
                   The shrine is atop a small, wooded hill 10 miles west of Aurora. A pylon of unknown
				   metal containing relics(Roland's 2 sandalwood gripped revolvers) inside it rises in 
				   the center of the small clearing. A crystal prism-like key touched to a specific spot
				   on the pylon opens it. The clearing is concealed and its ways confused by elven magics
				   and protected by dwarven runes. The whole hilltop has a Protection From Evil spell laid
				   upon the area and morale of those friendly to the rangers is raised by +2 while those 
				   who are not have morale lowered by 2. A spring of clear, healing water bubbles from a
                   rock crevice on the summit. Healing power is doubled when the Morning/Evening Star is
                   in the sky (chance of 1-2 on D6). A prismatic dragon is sometimes found coiled around
                   the small monolith.				   
Kwai Chang Monastery - On a low, green, wooded ridge 1/4 mile NW of Aurora across the Tusken, stands a
                       small monastery founded in CY572 by a traveling monk from a far country, west 
                       of the Wastelands. The monks, both male and female, are dedicated to perfecting
                       themselves in mind and body. The final test for a young acolyte is to jump into
                       a deep ravine on the NW side of the ridge and shift dimensions before reaching 
                       the bottom. Scattered bones at the bottom of the ravine remind the monks of the 
                       importance of removing the distraction of fear and clearing/focusing the mind.
                       (Most of the bones have been planted there by senior monks over the years, both
                       as a reminder and as a lively joke. Most are not even human(oid) bones, although
                       the head monk is silent on the issue.) ##
                       * Stone construction, dark, hardwood floors, braziers, incense, zen garden, pools,
                         flowers, garden(vegetables), groves, bamboo
                       * Monks wear sky blue robes and shave their heads except for a long topknot. Their
                         symbol is a stylized dragon and tiger and there are usually 6D6 monks in residence.
					   * Monks are both male and female. The body and mind are perfected. Open sexuality is
					     encouraged as is helpfulness to all creatures.
                       * The current head monk is named Kaiji(Monk 13) and is old and blind (but can 'see' 
                         perfectly). He is very wise and kind, though a powerful martial artist if the need 
                       * Kane's Path leads from the zen garden through an archway and snakes down the 
                         ridge, crossing an arched wooden footbridge over a small stream, and eventually 
                         meets with River Road near the River Bridge that crosses the Tusken into town.
                         The path is bordered with colorful, scented flowering plants that bloom all year
                       * A secret underground passage leads from an alcove in the lower halls of the 
                         monastery to a storeroom in the asian curio shop, Celestial Treasures.
					   * Illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy, tattoos
					   ## If a monk experiences a natural occurance that would result in almost certain death
					      (like a fall from a great height, not an attack in battle), they may attempt to shift
						  to another dimension to avoid death: XP level * 5 = the percentage chance to do so.
						  If successful, another roll is required to see the monk can reenter the Prime
						  Material Plane near the point of departure. Failure indicates the monk is lost in the
                          Astral/Ethereal Plane. A monk who is lost can make another roll to reenter the Prime
                          each game day.						  
						  Many of the "magical" abilities of monks are taught in a state of non-ordinary 
						  awareness and must be brought to the surface of the conscious mind in order to be
						  used. This is why a monk gains special abilities at cebrtain XP levels.

Wandering Monsters

Medium Cavalry Patrol (Aurora)
Merchant Caravan 
Traveling Monks
Dwarven Trader/Gnomish Tinker
Ork Carnival (in Spring)
Healer (Cleric of Bonz)
Herd Animal
Predatory Animal(wolf, lion, bear) - hunting livestock
Giant Spider
Giant Rat
Giant Snake
Giant Lizard
Giant Bat
Giant Ferret
Hobgoblin Slavers/Pirates
Hill Giant/Troll
Carnivorous Plant
Wild Boars
Green Dragon (forest)
Ogres - wild dance at night (forest clearing)
Blink Lynx
Owl Bear
Carrion Crawler
Nixie (pool)
Giant Beetle
Unicorn (forest)
Spellcaster/Wizard Tower
Mad Scientist
Derelict Tech (may have Scrap Rats)
Weather Anomaly
Meteor Shower(at night)
Strange Lights
St Elmo's Fire
Weird Magic Area
Ancient Battlefield: Fog Of War, Battle madness(saving throw), Fog takes human
                     shapes, human shapes/shadows move about in it. 
Green Man/vegepygmies (will attack if tech is visible)
Robot/Cyborg (near tech area)
Mad Golem Run Amok
Hourns/Awakened Trees - might not care for those that go on 2 legs
Hidden Colony(mutants, escaped slaves/prisoners, refugees... - will be wary of outsiders)
Victims of bandits or monster attack/Broken down wagons
Glamored Lizardmen(work for Witch of the Fens)
Spy for Wizard of the Volcano
Madman - victim of the Theocracy's mindsifter
Mercenary Company/Fort/Town
Gnome dirigible in flight/landed
Mutant/Psion/Madman(victim of Theocracy mindsifter)
Traveling Performers
Invisible Stalker
Moon Dogs
Poisonous Cloud
Ancient Starship Communication Center (100mi s/sw of Aurora) - partially functional,
                                      radium batteries, radio telescopes
Energy Monster

Foresters with lumber
River Traders (from Beryl Lake)
River Patrol
River Pirates
Electric Eels
Giant Beaver
Giant Crayfish
Water Elemental
Giant Bat
Giant Rat

Farmers going to market
Herd animals (sheep, cows, swine)
Miners wagon (2-4 guards if headed to town with  stones)
Quarrymen with wagons
Pagan kids chasing/chased by/ringed around conjured dust devil
Adventurers returning with Owl Bear trophy (The Red Dragons, infuriatingly full of themselves)
Monk of Freitukk with cart full of honey, mead, ale)
Kwai Chang Monks
Bandit/Hobgoblin attack on farms
Small Pterodactyls feasting on roadkill
Students going to/coming from Nuanda's Shrine(evening/night)
People of the Old Faith going to/coming from the Henge
Sporting competition among villages(a reconizable form of baseball is played here, among other things)

Lizardman (servants of the Witch of the Fens) 
Lizardman Village 
Lizardman Patrol 
Shambling Mound 
Will O' The Wisp 
Giant Ants 
Giant Bat
Vampire Bat
Giant Frog/Toad 
Axe Beak 
Giant Leech 
2-Headed Dragon 
Giant Lizard 
Giant Alligator
Strangle Vines  
Witch of the Fens in Baba Yaga hut
Ken - alligator mutant sunning himself in the Lazy River

STEPPE (rolling grasslands, tall ferns, small groves, continues north across
       the Tusken and east of the Laketowns)
Steppe Nomads (ride moa, hunt mastodon with recurve bows, no armor,
              double DEX bonus to AC, some friendly tribes/some hostile,
              have pneumatic rifles which shoot weighted nets, trade ivory
              - plain or carved The nomads seem to be distantly related
              to the Blue Men who live farther east, but do not woad and
              have developed a different culture. Steppe Nomads live in
              wigwams covered with skins or bark. They wear loincloths,
              boots abd cloaks, tooth/tusk necklaces, and bracelets or
              anklets of bone, beaded headbands, facepaint when going to
Mastodon Herd
Moa herd - nomads ride these
Irish Elk (7' tall at shoulders, 12' antler span)
Wild Dogs  
Pterodactyl (some hill clans ride these)
Radiation Pocket (high radiation levels which can kill or mutate - glows green
                 at night) 
Moondogs(materializing from moonbeams at night) chasing a Hell Beast 
Dire Wolves
Cave Bear
Cave Lion
Giant Bat
Vampire Bat
Sentient? Whirlwind 
Electrical Storm (artifact of the Ancients' wars(1 in 6 chance))
Hail Storm (winter)
Severe Storm/Tornado
War Machine Graveyard 
Demon/Howling Demon/Banshee
Insect Swarm - robotic, self-controlled locust swarm- left over from the ancient
               wars, much more rare these days, they are brought down with emp 
               pulses broadcast by villages surrounding old radio towers, they 
               can do terrible damage to crops. Mosquito drones can kill livestock
               and people if caught in the open. Both cycle through every few years
               and are fairly predictable. Some swarms...are not.  ***
Hill Giant Raiders 

Dwarves fron Ironstar Mountain (meteoric iron)
Giant Eagle 
Mountain Lion
Red Dragon

Village - many villages will be partway or completely dug into
          the ground to escape the desert heat (Tatooine). The
          structures above ground will be of adobe type bricks
          and plastered.
Trader Caravan
Mounted Patrol(near cities)/Air Patrol(flying carpet)
"Borellian Noman" with explosive/energy bolas
Wild Horses/Camels
Ghouls (can turn into jackals)
Giant Scorpion
Roc (in mountains)
Lions, Jackals, Hyenas
Dust Devil
Giant Centipede
Giant Tarantula
Giant Viper
Desert Rats
War Machine Graveyard
Electrical Storm at night - artifact of the ancients' war(1 in 6 chance)
Radioactive Area(glows green at night, mutations)
Weird Magic Area
Uncontrolled golem running amok
Living Statue
Minotaur Raiders (border of desert and Great Northern Plains)
Howling Demon

Gnoll Sandpeople
Krait Dragon
Ghouls (can turn into jackals)
Carrion Crawler
Giant Scorpion
Dust Devil
Giant Centipede
Giant Tarantula
Giant Viper
Desert Rats

BERYL LAKE(towns built on pilings out in the lake)
Laketown People
Lake Pirates
Dragon Turtle
Lake Dragon
Witchmen of Beryl Lake (cyclopean stone Technomancer citadel at the far end)
Pteranodon (lake cliffs)
Wolf, Bear
Red Elk
Pterodactyls (on cliffs along lake)

Merchant Ships/Convoy
Hobgoblin Pirates/Slavers
Ghost Ship/Flying Dutchman
Rime Islanders
Reavers(cannibals, wear the skins of the dead)
Sea Battle
Ranger Sailing Skiff(at night, Rangers will have the advantage of surprise)
Sea Dragon
Sea Serpent
Pteranodon (sea cliffs)
Hippogriffs (sea cliffs)
Water Elemental/Marid
Gnome Submarine(steam driven)
Kuo Toa
Strangleweed (sentient seaweed)
"Triangle Effect" - sea and sky seem reversed, lost for D4 days
Strange Weather Pattern
Area of Calm/Strong Currents
Strange Lights
St Elmo's Fire
Meteor Shower(at night)
Ocean Mirage
Automated Water Craft(from the Ancient Days, very rare)
Ancient Marker Buoy
Black Ooze(sentient sludge)
Fog Bank


* Alternate Primes/Parallel Worlds

* Outer space - breathable, fly to the moon

* Demiplanes - Wonderland, OZ, etc

* Etheric - misty, insubstantial, photo negative plane, ghosts mostly reside here,
            permeates the Prime Material

* Astral - silvery, timeless, almost anything can be found here, thought creates
           things and is used for travel, access to any other dimension

* Dreams - desire and attention create here

* Faerie Realm - timeless, magic permeates it

* Elemental Realms - can be accessed through areas containing the element, e.g.
                     travel to the Plane of Fire through a volcano

* Mirror Realm - through/behind all mirrors, reversed world, something hunts

* Time Dimension - travel anywhen

* Sideways Worlds (posts taken whole or in part from D&D forums):

           "Characters can pass into different parallel worlds where the rules 
            change. Certain characters know some passages, but nobody knows them
            all. Getting in and out can be tricky. All the worlds are dangerous.
            All blend with the real world, overlaying, interleaved with it, 
            blending, changing. The shape of the world is still present, but made

           "The idea is, if you know the passage, you can take your adventuring
            party into one of these sideways worlds, while still remaining in the
            'real' world. So, you're exploring an ancient abbey, and can't get 
            through some heavy locked gates. Make passage into the Shadowmarches**,
            and all the works of mankind are weakened and decaying - break through
            the door easily. But then, you have to find your way back or face the
            dangers of the Marches themselves, plus whatever darkly warped threats
            the abbey itself hides. Perhaps you're trying to escape the Duke's 
            Faceless Men, his merciless killers. You climb over a garden wall, and
            there in the heart of the city make passage to the Gnarlwood. The forest
            seems to consume the city, choking it. In the shadow of roots burst
            through paving stones, you hide from the hunters... hoping not to attract
            the attention of others who also hunt."             

           "Or maybe you broke a thing that ought not be broken, and cannot repair 
            it yourself. So you sojourn to The Great Machine, where all, even men,
            are made of clockwork. And there, using time and patience, you try to
            put back together what you'd otherwise not be able to repair. Perhaps
            you must reattach the cleric's arm, or repair the mind of The High Druid...
            But time runs short in The Great Machine, it always does. Tick-Tock, 
            Tick-Tock, the clockwork men are coming, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, if they
            catch you, they'll "repair" you, and you'll join their ranks, Tick-Tock,
            Tick-Tock, THUNK, the great gears are turning, the party's been divided,
            Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, do you know how to get out, before your time is up?" 
            ** Shadowmarches - Ruled By - The Barely Heard Whisper, which is a sound,
                               and flicker in the corner of the eye, the ghost of a 
                               touch on the cheek. The whisper sees all in the Shadow-
                               marches, but only influences things in the most subtle
                               way possible, with bouts of luck or misfortune. The 
                               Whisper is appeased by silence, stealth, and gallows 
                               humor. The Whisper is angered by loud noises, overt shows
                               of violence, brazen action 


---------------GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS----------------							   

Company of the Wyvern - Highly regarded mercenary company founded
                        in 527 by Deirdre Barimen (F11). Usually 
                        over 600 strong, their standard is a blue 
                        wyvern, rampant, on a black field. The Blue
                        Wyvern Tavern in Horizon is secretly owned 
                        by them and is their unofficial HQ.                        

Clerics of Zayuss - wander the land extolling the virtues of duty,
                    they seek converts to the Truth, but most don't
                    actually know the secret aims of their simian
                    teachers(masters), they are often unwitting dupes,
                    leather/studded leather, clubs, mancatchers.
                    They may be lead by sentient apes(orangutans **)
                    ** Clerics who ARE simian will, of course, be
                       aware of all these things. They will also
                       carry carbines(10 shots, dmg D6+1/2D6) in
                       addition to their other equipment.                

Scholars of Bonz - Follow the ancient deity, Bonz. Study medicine and
                   healing, both magical and mundane. Wander the land
                   healing and spreading medical knowledge.

Gunslingers - Rangers - The remnants of the knightly order which guarded
              the land in the time of the Great Kingdom of Avalon which fell
              620 years ago. Now these knights wander the land, protecting
              those on the outskirts of civilization. 
Iron Ring Slavers -  very well funded and organized, found around the Wild Coast

Seekers of the Blue Star - mutated by toxic chemical waste in the ancient past,
                           Seek to chemically alter all life on the world,    

P.O.E. cult - Purity Of Essence, Fanatical purestrain Humans who despise mutants, 
              demi-humans, humanoids, etc.           

Cyberknights - Cyborg knights with energy weapons, very rare, organization unknown
               but almost always found singly, fearless, absolutely loyal and honest,
			   only champion worthy (lost)causes

The Unwanted - genetically engineered soldiers who fought a war and
               were then deemed too dangerous to bring home, exiled
               to a "retirement colony" and sterilized, they have 
               been having children in secret and hiding them from
               the occupying garrison...

Witchmen of Beryl Lake - cyclopean fortress, technomagic, faceless

Blue Men - Celto-Indian tribesmen/clansmen, ride giant eagles

Kobold Market(underground tech market/black market, temporary)

The Green Man(green crystal skull head)

     * Mad Druids, Sentient Plants, Vegepygmies

     * Druids are fanatical followers of the Green Man who want to destroy
       all human(oid) life(except for things like vegepygmies). The view
       humans as a disease on the earth and destroy all items of technology
       they find. When the earth is cleansed of these infestations, they too
       will destroy themselves as they are also part of the infestation.
Ay-ai: Orbiting satellite launched in the ancient days. It has become sentient
       and power hungry.

Blue Oyster: Ancient underwater transmitter shaped somewhat like a giant clam. 
             It is worshipped by a cult of undersea creatures who follow its 
             directives(or as much as they can understand of its transmissions).
             The "oyster" is not actually sentient and just broadcasts message
             fragments still stored in its memory from ages ago when it was 
             actually an operational