HOBBIT(Can only progress to level 9)
* 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall, 80 pounds. Hobbits are a merry folk and like plenty of food, drink, and pleasant conversation. Hobbits live in temperate areas with rolling hills, woods, and good farm land. Most of their homes are excavated into the sides of the hills themselves although there are always a few surface structures(mills, stores, and the like).

Hobbits have a loosely class-based society, but relatively free movement between groups is possible. Their culture is rustic and agrarian based with shires containing small farms, orchards, and mills. A few Shirriffs (voluntary honor) patrol the shire borders protecting it from dangerous trespassers(and occasionally catching runaway cows). They are also in charge of raising the shire militia if need be. They are headed by the First Shirriff who answers to the Mayor(largely honorary position) of the shire. Shirriffs typically wear light armor and a feathered cap. They carry with them a staff, staff-sling, or club, a small knife, and a length of rope for a lasso.

Hobbits are fond of gnomes(when they aren't pulling practical jokes), wary of elves(although the more adventure-y hobbits can be very enamored of elves), and love the craftsmenship and 'solidity' of dwarves. They typically stay out of the way of the Big People except in places like the Western March where there is a close friendship between the two.

* Only light or medium armor and shield

* Can use any weapon sized for a hobbit(a longsword would be a 2-h sword for a Hobbit). They prefer clubs, daggers, slings, short bows, short swords, staves, staff-slings, and javelins.

* +1 to DEX, -2 to STR at chargen

* Hp = D6 per level.

* Attacks as a Fighting Man, Saves on B/X Dwarf/Hobbit Table.

* Hobbits get a number of attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc) with THROWN WEAPONS AND SLINGS.

* +2 to Animal Reaction rolls.

* +3 to hit with slings and thrown weapons. Treat long range as medium range. 1-5(D6) chance to make any called shot.

* Large humanoids such as ogres and trolls, etc attack hobbits at -2 to hit. Giants attack at a -4.

* Surprised on a roll of 1, Surprise on a 1-4 when moving normally.

* Hide in natural surroundings("in plain sight") on 1-11(D12)

* Stealth: Hide in Shadows, Move Silently on 1-4(D6). if this roll fails, have anyone nearby roll a Hear Noise check to see if the hobbit was detected.

* Hobbits are difficult to track outdoors. Only a ranger, elf, or barbarian can do so. There is a base 1 in 6 chance with +1 for every 3 levels the tracker has above the Hobbit he is tracking. (This assumes the hobbit is not intentionally covering his tracks)

* Hear noise on a 1-2

* Pick Pockets/Palming/Concealing Small Items(base chance of 1-4 on D6)

* +2 on rolls to disbelieve an illusion (Hobbits are very down to earth)

* Languages: Hobbits begin knowing Common, Elvish, + 1 animal language of choice (fox, raven, squirrel, etc).

* Immune to Fear effects/spells at level 8 (Hobbits are very resilient)

* Hobbit Luck: During any game session, 1 roll can be re-rolled.

* Culinary Artist: With even the most meager ingredients, a hobbit can prepare a meal that is nourishing, flavorful, and satisfying. Eating such gives a +1 to morale rolls, +2 to reaction rolls, and heals an extra D4 of damage per person.

* Unsurpassed Gardeners: Hobbits grow many types of plants - some of which have curative or minor magical properties. Hobbit gardens and orchards bloom more beautifully, grow lusher, and bear more deli- cious fruit than most. Hobbits are also known for the growing and smoking of fine pipeweed.

* Expert at parlor games: cards, board games, chess, wordgames, etc. Against non-hobbits, you win most of the time. Hobbits are also quite fond of riddles and tend to have huge stores of them in memory.