GNOME(Can only progress to level 9)
* Around 3 feet tall, 40-45 pounds. Their body coloration varies from dark, earthy browns to floral pinks, though black, blue, or green skin is not unheard of. Hair is vibrant and comes in every color and style imaginable. Gnomes have highly mutable facial characteristics and the proportions always seem a bit off. Heredity seems to play no active part in a gnome's physical appearance. Clothing can vary from simple and utilitarian to completely outlandish depending upon necessity or whim. Gnomes love hats and headware - the more ridiculous the better. Being partially related to the Fey, Gnomes are able to cast magical cantrips as well.

Many gnomes choose to live in the cities of the Big People because of the great opportunities for new experiences and adventures. Gnomes who don't, typically live in hollowed out hills or tall houses in the forest(or a combination of the two). Houses will consist of many-peaked rooves, dormers, round turrets and walkout balconies. These houses will extend underground into a maze of tunnels which usually have secret entrances in nearby river banks or tree hollows. Gnomes have a completely egalitarian society where everything is shared or borrowed amongst the community. Gnome communities may be very small(less than a dozen or so) or quite large(several hundred). Gnome communities are always in flux because of the instinctual wanderlust of the race.

Gnomes are highly curious and inquisitive. They are not supremely serious (except when working on a project or trying to figure out the workings of some unfamiliar gadget). They are often considered very eccentric, non- sensical and impulsive by other races as they will go to great lengths to experience new things or to satisfy their curiosities. Gnomes can also be quite mirthful, enjoying jokes and pranks among themselves - often at the expense of unwitting passersby.

Gnomes love gems and are unsurpassed at appraising, cutting, polishing, and setting them.

Gnomes also love puzzles and clockwork mechanisms. They are adept at building and modifying mechanical devices(including optical, chemical, basic electrical, and steam/water powered devices - devices found in the fantasy Victorian/ Edwardian age). All manner of gadgetry can be built or modified if the proper tools and materials are available(although a roll will be required if no schematics are available - USE THIEF TABLE FOR CHANCE OF SUCCESS).
## See Partial List at the end of the page.

Many sources exist to scavenge materials from. Scavenging for parts may require a D6 roll to see if all the needed materials were found, some were found, or nothing useful was found. Construction time varies depending upon the device.

Complex items of technology that gnomes come across in their travels may require a roll to see if the gnome can figure out the purpose and operation of the artifact. If schematics are found detailing the device, no roll is needed but it will still take time to properly understand the schematics(varies with device).


* Only light or medium(Gnome Scale) armor. Gnome scale weighs only a few pounds and is supple enough to be worn under their normal clothing (which tends to have many pockets and pouches, as well as straps, loops and rings for securing all kinds of small tools and instruments. Sturdy boots are worn and occupational safety equipment(gloves, facemask, dark-tinted goggles, etc) will also be carried by an adventuring gnome.

* Can use any Gnome-sized weapon(same as Hobbits). They prefer daggers, throwing knives, crossbows, military picks/hammers, rapiers/smallswords, and flintlock pistols

* +2 to INT, -2 to STR at chargen

* Hp = D6 per level.

* Attacks as a Fighting Man, Saves on B/X Dwarf/Hobbit Table.

* Large humanoids such as ogres and trolls, etc attack gnomes at -2 to hit. Giants attack at a -4.

* See in the dark 60'(can also see into the ultraviolet spectrum)

* Surprised on a 1, Surprise on a 1-3 when moving normally.

* Hear noise on a 1-2

* Hide in Natural Surroundings(forests, meadows, underground) on a 1-11)

* Pick Pockets/Palming/Conceal Small Items as a thief of the same level.

* Pick Locks as a thief of the same level.

* Disarm Small Traps as a thief of the same level.

* Find secret/hidden doors on a 1-3 if searching for.

* Gnomes get a +2 on rolls to figure out puzzles. * Languages: Begin with Gnome, Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Kobold, Faerie, and the languages of burrowing mammals

* Gnomes know alchemy

* Excellent builders/miners: Can detect sloping passages, large traps (deadfalls, pits, trick rooms), shifting walls, new construction, and determine approximate depth and direction of travel underground on a roll of 1-4(D6) if examining, or on a 1 if just passing near or through.

* +4 on reaction rolls by Earth Elementals

* Gnomes can cast cantrips at any time.

* At 9th level, Gnomes can construct clockwork animals and 'men'. These constructs can understand one language and will obey their creator.

## Partial List
firearms, grenades, clocks, dirigibles, submersibles, special purpose arrows, webslingers, grappling gun, retractable blades, water condenser, telegraph, video recorder/projector, radio/transceiver, antigrav boots, jet pack, hologram disguise, chainsaw sword, universal translator, smokescreen emitter, retractable flippers, diving gear, lightning gun, special glasses(microscope, farseeing, x-ray, night vision etc), adaptive armor, hypnotism hat, paranormal scanner, personal teleporter, invisibility generator, parachute cloak, rocket, specialty compass, fountain pens, laser pointer(using ruby gems), clockwork messenger, spy bug, anti-gravity gloves, blacklight, clockwork trap, elevator, simple aircraft......