* Druids turn their back on civilization, cities, and high technology, preferring to live alone or in small communities in the deep wilderness away from such things. They revere the natural world - earth, sea, sky, sun, moon, stars - and see spirit in all things. Some druids will go to great lengths to destroy items of high technology. A fanatical few seek the reclamation of ALL civilization by the natural world(SEE followers of the Green Man).

* Druids are not as involved with humans, or with helping them, as they are into protecting plants and animals. Druids have an obligation to protect the natural flora and fauna, and will seek to punish those who destroy their charges. Druids will not slay an animal if it can be avoided, and they will never willingly destroy a copse, woods or forest — no matter how enchanted or evil it may be — although they may attempt to modify such a place with their own magicks. Druids will only eat meat that is scavenged from another animal's kill or brought to them by their animal companions. If they kill an animal for food, it will be one that has volunteered to be sacrificed for the sustenance of the druid.

* Druids are Nature and the elements incarnate and they are able to call the natural world to their aid in times of crisis.


* Can wear light to medium armor + shield(though will usually wear none). This armor will be made by the druid themself of natural, found materials - wood, bone, chitin, shells, skins, dragon scales, etc.

* Weapons: crescent knives(sun and moon), sickles, hand axe, spear, staff, kusarigama, club, morning star, boomerang(often bladed), javelin, sling, poisoned darts, shuriken, bolo, garrotte.
Weapons will be made by the druid themself and be of natural materials - wood, stone, bone, etc.

* Hp = D6 per level. 2pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks and Saves as Cleric

* Can fight Florentine

* Languages: Common, Druidic(secret), Faerie-kind, Ent, language of plants and animals(including birds and fish) native to their region.

* Druid writing is Runic. Druids may also inscribe runes with minor magical properties, much as a Dwarf can.

* A Druid can mimic the sound of any animal he has ever heard and can communicate with normal animals (and plants) from their particular environment in their own tongues.
It is also possible to learn the speech of animal/plant-types in new regions given time.

* Permanent animal/plant friendship spell in place(+6 to reaction rolls)

* Druids are skilled in Wilderness Survival, Herbalism, and Animal Lore of fauna common to their environment.

* +3 to Saves against natural(plant or animal) poisons/toxins.

* Druids are not affected by the charm spells of woodland/faerie and water creatures such as nixies and dryads.

* At 5th level a Druid can shapechange into any animal from the size of a scorpion to the size of a cave bear. The druid can change from one animal form into another without first reverting to humanoid form. A druid can shapechange as many times per day as they have levels/2. Each form not his own counts as one change, so if a druid changes into a fish, from a fish into an elk, and then from an elk into a bird, this counts as 3 uses of the ability. At level 13, a Druid can become something as large a killer whale, woolly mammoth, or a large elemental, to something as small as a ladybug.
Each shape can be maintained for up to an hour. The Druid will have 1 preferred shape which can be maintained for 3 hours at a time.
Damage previously sustained in one form will be partially healed when the Druid changes into a new form(10-60%).

* Druids typically have facial(and body) tattoos signifying trials, achievements, battles, victories, and losses. A few of these may be magical - or nearly so.

* Detect Snares and Pits: Passive ability to Detect Pits and Snares(5 in 6 chance). And only 1 in 6 chance to spring pit traps and snares when passing over them (instead of the usual 1-2).

* Druids have a 1-5(D6) chance to detect areas of high radiation before getting close enough to be affected.

* Hear Noise on a 1-2(D6)

* Hide in Plain Site(Outdoors, as a Hobbit can): 1-11(D12)

* Druids are surprised OUTDOORS on a 1 and surprise others on a 1-4. Outdoors they can usually only be surprised by other druids, elves, or hobbits.

* A Druid moves through difficult terrain as if it were two classes better.

* A Druid can see on a dark night as if he is in bright moonlight.

* Druids are difficult to track outdoors. Only an elf or another druid can do so. There is a 1 in 6 chance with +1 for every 3 levels the tracker has above the druid he is tracking.

* Direction Sense: +2 to rolls to avoid becoming lost

* Climbing ability as Thief of the same level but with regard to natural surfaces(stone cliffs, limbless tree trunks, etc)

* Druids can swim at their normal movement speed.

* Predict Weather: As the spell

* At 2nd level, Druids gain the following inate abilities: Identify pure water, identify plants, identify animals, and pass through overgrowth (briars, tangles, etc).

* At 9th level a Druid can Pass Without Trace through an area making them completely unable to be tracked except by magic.

* At 11th level, a Druid gains immunity to all natural poisons/toxins, vigorous health,equivalent to being in the prime of life and extra longevity equal to 10 years per level(e.g. a 13th level Druid would be able to live 130 additional years).

* At 11th level, a Druid can go into suspended animation/hibernate (same length as longevity - no aging).

* At level 13, a Druid can enter any of the Elemental Planes at will(without suffering any damage from a hostile environment).

Druid Skills Which Increase With Level
At level 1 = 1-2(D6)
level 4 = 1-3
level 7 = 1-4
level 10 = 1-5
level 13+ = 1-11(D12)

* Tracking over difficult terrain/under adverse conditions. This is only in the outdoors, unlike the ranger who can also track underground/indoors

* Hunter's Step: No chance of being heard if this roll succeeds. If the roll is failed, make a Hear Noise check for anyone nearby to see if the barbarian was heard (1(D6) for humans, 1-2 for demi-humans).


* Druids may use those magical items not otherwise proscribed to them which are usable by "all classes" and all those items normally usable by clerics, excluding all clerical items of a written nature (scrolls, books, etc.). With regard to fighting ability and saving throws treat druids as clerics, except that with regard to fire the saving throw is always +2 in the druids' favor.

Initiate, 1st
Initiate, 2nd
Initiate, 3rd
Initiate, 4th
Initiate, 5th
Initiate. 6th
Initiate, 7th
Initiate. 8th
Initiate, 9th
The Great Druid (lvl 13)

-- Druid Magic --

* Druids receive "spells" from their connection to nature.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 . . . . . .
2 1 - - - - -
3 1 - - - - -
3 1 1 - - - -
3 2 1 - - - -
3 2 2 - - - -
4 2 2 1 - - -
4 3 2 1 - - -
4 3 3 2 - - -
5 3 3 2 1 - -
5 3 3 3 2 1 -
5 4 4 4 3 2 1
6 5 5 4 4 3 2

1st Level
1. Predict Weather
2. Locate Animals
3. Detect Snares & Pits
4. Detect Magic
5. Purify Water
6. Faerie Fire

2nd Level
1. Produce Flame
2. Locate Plants
3. Speak with Animals
4. Cure Light Wounds
5. Obscurement
6. Create Water
7. Heat Metal
8. Warp Wood

3rd Level
1. Pyrotechnics
2. Protection/Fire
3. Call Lightning
4. Cure Disease
5. Hold Animal
6. Plant Growth
7. Water Breathing
8. Neutralize Poison

4th Level
1. Produce Fire
2. Protection/Lightning
3. Speak with Plants
4. Plant Door
5. Insect Plague
6. Control Temp., 10'r.
7. Cure Serious Wounds
8. Animal Summoning I
9. Hallucinatory Forest
10. Dispel Magic

5th Level
1. Wall of Fire
2. Control Winds
3. Pass Plant
4. Hold Plant
5. Animal Growth
6. Commune with Nature
7. Anti-Plant Shell
8. Transmute Rock-Mud
9. Turn Sticks to Snakes
10. Animal Summoning II

6th Level
1. Conjure Fire Elemental
2. Weather Summoning
3. Transport via Plants
4. Anti-Animal Shell
5. Animal Summoning III
6. Finger of Death
7. Feeblemind
8. Turn Wood

7th Level
1. Fire Storm
2. Control Weather
3. Conjure Earth Elemental
4. Animate Rock
5. Reincarnate
6. Creeping Doom
7. Confusion
8. Transmute Metal-Wood



1st Level
Predict Weather: With this spell the druid is able to forecast the weather in the local (2 square mile x level of druid) area with 95% accuracy unless the weather is modified by some magical means. Forecast: 12 hours.

Locate Animals: A spell similar to that used by magic-users to locate objects. It differs in that only the type of animal to be located must be known.

Detect Snares & Pits: This is the equivalent of a clerical spell to detect traps, but it can only be employed outdoors. Its duration is 1 hour + level of druid.

Detect Magic: This spell is exactly the same as the spell of the same name for magic-users.

Purify Water: A limited form of the clerical "Purify Food and Water" spell, which affects only water, but is otherwise the same. The quantity subject to a single spell is approximately that which would serve a dozen people.

Faerie Fire: By using this spell the caster limns the object he desires with a pale glow. This luminescense causes no damage and shows only the outlines of the object. Area coverage: 10 square feet + level of druid. Duration: 6 turns. Range: 6".

2nd Level
Produce Flame: By means of this spell the druid can cause a bright flame (about equal to the light of a small lanthorn) to spring forth from his palm. Although it will not harm him. it will ignite combustible materials touched by it. The flame can be hurled by the druid to a maximum of 3", and it will then extinguish itself (although it can combust inflammables if it strikes them). The druid can extinguish the flame at will. Duration: 2 turns X level of druid.

Locate Plants: Similar to the spell to locate animals, except that it applies strictly to vegetation.

Speak with Animals: Same as cleric spell of the same name. This spell allows the Cleric to speak with any form of animal life, understanding what they say in reply. There is a possibility that the animal(s) spoken with will perform services for the Cleric, and they will never attack the party the Cleric is with. (The manner of handling the probabilities of action by animals is discussed in the next volume). Duration: 6 turns. Range: 3".

Cure Light Wounds: Same as cleric spell of the same name.

Obscurement: When this spell is employed the druid causes a misty cloud of vapor to form around him. The size of the cloud covers an area equal to 100 cubic feet x level of druid. Duration: 1 turn x level of druid.

Create Water: Same as the clerical spell of this name. By means of this spell the Cleric can create a supply of drinkable water sufficient for a party of a dozen men and horses for one day. The quantity doubles for every level above the 8th the Cleric has attained.

Heat Metal: A spell which enables the druid to cause metal objects of ferrous nature to become progressively warm, hot, and then searing hot. The amount of metal which can be affected by this spell is a function of the level of the druid using it. For each level he has attained the druid can affect approximately 200 gold piece weight of ferrous metal. Flesh in contact with the metal heated by this spell suffers burns and is accordingly damaged. Fire resistance negates this effect. Metal stays at the searing temperature for two turns (the first of which will blister a hand and make it unusable for 1 day or cause 1-2 points of damage to the other parts of the body, except the head which will take one point of damage and cause the person to become dizzy), the second of which will cause a hand still in contact with the metal to be severely burned and unusable for 1-3 weeks, cause an additional 2-3 points damage to a body in contact with the metal, and inflict an additional two points of damage to a head in contact with the heated metal - as well as causing the creature so affected to become unconscious for from 2-8 turns. Range: 3".

Warp Wood: By use of this spell the druid causes straight shafts (and similar objects) to become bent. The amount of wood which can be so warped is dependent upon the level of the druid, with a rough conversion of one spear shaft of 6' length or six arrow shafts per two levels the druid has attained. Note that the planks of a boat or even a ship could be affected by this spell. Range: 6". Wood warped by this spell is permanently damaged.

3rd Level
Pyrotechnics: Same as the magic-user spell of this name.

Protection from Fire: A very powerful spell which has a varying effect. If cast upon a person other than a druid it simply confers invulnerability from common fire, as well as the effects of a ring of fire resistance against magical fires. If cast upon a druid it also gives complete protection from magical fire (including fire balls, meteor swarms, Type VI demon immolation, and dragon fire), but exposure to such magical fires will immediately cancel the spell as of the next turn. Otherwise, its duration is 3 turns + level of druid.

Call Lightning: This spell is dependent upon the prevailing weather. If there is any sort of storm above (including a tornado) the druid is able to call down a ligntning bolt of 8 dice + level of the druid. Usable outdoors only. Frequency: 1 bolt per ten minutes. Range: 36". Note: The lightning comes down in a perpendicular path, and it can strike objects in the sky as well as those upon the ground.

Cure Disease: Same as the cleric spell of the same name.

**Remove Curse: This spell is the same as that for Magic-Users

Hold Animal: Same as a hold monster spell, except that it applies to mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish of up to approximately 200 pounds body weight X level of druid (halve weight for nonmammals). Range: 6". Duration: 1 turn + level of druid.

Plant Growth: Same as the magic-user spell "Growth/Plant".

Water Breathing: Same as the magic-user spell of the same name.

Neutralize Poison: A spell to counter the harmful effects of poison. Note that it will not aid a character killed by poison, however. It will affect only one object. Duration: 1 turn.

4th Level
Produce Fire: When employed this spell produces a common fire with a maximum area of coverage of 10 square feet. Combustible materials touched by the fire will, naturally, catch fire. The spell can be reversed to extinguish a natural fire (including flaming oil, for example) over the same area. Range: 3". Duration: 1 turn.

Protection from Lightning: Similar to a protection from fire, by means of this spell the druid immunizes himself from all electrical attacks. Upon being struck by lightning, however, the spell is instantly negated. Duration: 6 turns + level of druid.

Speak with Plants: This spell allows the Cleric to speak with all forms of plant life, understanding what they say in reply. Plants so spoken to will obey commands, of the Cleric, such as part to allow a passage and so on. This spell does not give the Cleric the power to command trees as Ents do. Duration: 6 turns. Range: 3".

Plant Door: By means of this spell the druid is able to pass through the densest of plant growth, including the solid trunks of trees. The "door" is opened only for him (although another druid or a dryad could also follow). The druid may choose to stay within an oak upon which he has cast this spell. The "door" opens a path up to 3' wide, 6' high, and 100' long. Duration: 3 turns + level of druid.

Insect Plague: By means of this spell the Cleric calls to him a vast cloud of insects and sends them where he will, within the spell range. They will obscure vision and drive creatures with less than three hit dice off in rout. The dimensions of the Insect Plague are 36 square inches. Duration: 1 game day. Range: 48". (Note: This spell is effective only above ground.)

Control Temperature, 10' r.: This spell allows the druid to alter the temperature within the indicated radius to vary by +/- 50 degrees (warmer or colder than surrounding temperature). Mistletoe is required. Duration: 3 turns + level of druid.

Cure Serious Wounds: This spell is like a Light Wound spell, but the effects are double, so two dice are rolled and one pip is added to each die. Therefore, from 4 to 14 hit points will be removed by this spell.

Animal Summoning I: The equivalent of the clerical "Conjure Animals" spell. This spell allows the Cleric to conjure 1 large animal (elephant, hippo', rhino', etc.), 3 medium sized animals (lions, tigers, bears, etc.) or six small ones (wolves, wild dogs, lynx, etc.). The animals so brought will obey the Cleric. Duration: 10 turns. Range: 3".

Hallucinatory Forest: When cast this spell will cause any creature (other than another druid or a magical forest creature or an ent) to absolutely believe it is actually there and act accordingly. It can be dispelled by a dispel magic spell or a reverse of the druid spell which brought it into being. The area it covers is equal to 3" square X level of druid. Range: 6" to nearest edge.

Dispel Magic: Same as magic-user spell of this name.

Sth Level
Wall of Fire: Same as magic-user spell of this name.

Control Winds: One turn after this spell is uttered the winds within a 24" range of the druid can be either calmed or increased to great force (which will drive flying creatures from the air, bend medium-sized trees, make sailing impossible except before the gale. etc.). The center of this effect moves with the druid who cast the spell. A higher level druid always is able to use a like spell to counter it with success. A druid of 11th level has a range of 32", at 12th level the range is 40", and at 13th level the range is 48". Duration: 6 turns + level of druid.

Pass Plant: By means of this spell the druid is able to travel from a tree of one sort to another of the same species within a radius of 48". Trees which can be used are: Oak (12" distance bonus), ash, yew, linden (12" penalty), elm (12" penalty), other deciduous trees (18" penalty), coniferous trees (24" penalty).
The tree must be living and of a girth approximately equal to/or greater than that of the druid concerned. If a like tree does not exist within the range then the spell fails, and on the next time period considered the druid emerges from the tree through which he intended to pass.

Hold Plant: Similar to a magic-user spell for holding monsters, except that this spell will affect only vegetable matter which is self-ambulatory or magically animated. It will, for example stop plant growth. It will affect treants. It will affect fungoid life forms. Duration: 6 turns + level of druid. Range: 3" + level of druid.

Animal Growth: Same as magic-user spell "Growth of Animals".

Commune with Nature: This spell allows the druid to commune with higher powers, much as a cleric communes. However, it must be performed outdoors, and the answers given will only be of the sort which pertain to Nature (farm and field, wood and stream and the like).
A spell which puts the Cleric in touch with the powers "above" and asks for help in the form of answers to three questions. Communing is allowed but once each week) maximum; referee's option as to making less frequent). Veracity and knowledge should be near total. Once per year a special communing should be allowed wherein the Cleric can ask double the number of questions.

Anti-Plant Shell: This spell is very similar to the anti-magic spell of a magic-user, its difference being that it provides absolute protection from attacks by plants or similar living vegetable matter.

Transmute Rock to Mud: Same as the magic-user spell.

Turn Sticks to Snakes: Anytime there are sticks nearby a Druid can turn them into snakes, with a 50% chance that they will be poisonous. From 2-16 snakes can be conjured (roll two eight-sided dice). He can command these conjured snakes to perform as he orders. Duration: 6 turns. Range 12".

Animal Summoning II: This is a spell with twice the strength of "Animal Summoning I".

6th Level
Conjure Fire Elemental: Same as a magic-user elemental conjuring spell, except that the druid may call only a fire elemental. However, because of the relationship which druids have to fire the elemental will not turn upon the druid, regarding him as a friend of sorts. Additionally, due to this same relationship, it is possible that the druid may raise 1-3 salamanders instead of a fire elemental (1 chance in 12) or that an exceptionally large fire elemental (15-20 dice) will come to the summons (1 chance in 20).

Weather Summoning: By means of this conjuration a druid is able to cause virtually any sort of weather he desires to prevail in the area (at least a 5 mile radius). The weather called for must be commensurate with the season and the climate. Very extreme weather (torrential rain, winds of hurricane force, heat wave over normal highs by 15 or more degrees, cold in the same extreme, a blizzard, giant hail, etc.) can only be summoned by a druid of 11th or higher level. Druids may act in concert in order to summon harmonious weather sorts, i.e. very cold and a blizzard, rain and winds of great force, etc. When the weather summoned arrives it is not under the control of the druid. The delay after the conjuration is made until the weather summoned is 3 turns plus 5 - 20 turns minus the level of the druid summoning the weather. The first effects of the spell will become apparent after three turns (storm clouds on the horizon, an increase or decrease in temperature, etc.)

Transport via Plants: A spell quite similar to the pass plant spell, but by using this spell the druid is able to transfer himself from the plant at hand to any plant of a similar species which the druid has seen or heard about. If the desired destination plant is not alive, the spell fails as a pass plant spell does. If there is an error (as in teleporting) the druid goes to a different species of plant—which could be many times removed from that he desired, thus a great distance away. This spell can be used but once per day. If the druid desires he may choose to simply remain inside the plant instead of transporting from it; in this case he may remain inside for up to 24 hours, and while inside may observe everything around him with his full senses and those of the plant as well.

Anti-Animal Shell: This spell is similar to the anti-plant shell. It provides absolute protection from basic animal types (including giant animals, insects, giant insects, birds and reptiles but excluding such fantastic animals as centaurs, gorgons, and so forth). Those inside the shell are not able to attack, however, either by normal or magical means. Duration: 3 turns + level of druid.

Animal Summoning III: A spell which is a quadruple strength "Animal Summoning I" spell.

Finger of Death: The spell of the anti-cleric, but it may be used by druids only when their lives are in dire peril. Instead of raising the dead, this spell creates a "death ray" which will kill any creature unless a saving throw is made (where applicable). Range: 12". (A Cleric-type may use this spell in a life-or-death situation, but misuse will immediately turn him into an Anti-Cleric.)

Feeblemind: Same as the magic-user spell.

Turn Wood: When this spell is cast a wall of force moves forth from the druid, and any wooden objects in its path, objects such as spear shafts, weapon hafts, bows, arrows, quarrels, shields of wood, etc., are pushed back. Any creature holding onto such items will either be dragged back also, or the wood will splinter and the pieces go back. The breadth of the wall of wood turning is 6" to either side of the druid. The force moves away from the druid at 4" per turn. Range: 2" x level of druid. Duration: 1 turn + level of druid. Note: The druid need not control the spell once it has been set in motion.

7th Level
Fire Storm: This spell creates a fire of intensity equal to a "wall of fire" in a large area. This magical conflagration will last but one turn, but all combustible material within the area affected will continue to burn thereafter. The spell can be reversed to extinguish normal fires in an area twice that of the maximum possible area of the druid's fire storm. There is a 5% per level of the druid casting the spell chance of the reversal working to extinguish magical fires of up to the area of the possible fire storm area. Area: Minimum, 3 square inches; maximum, 3 square inches x level of druid.

Control Weather: Same as the magic-user spell of that name.

Conjure Earth Elemental: Similar to the magic-user spell for elemental conjuration except that only an earth elemental can be brought forth, and the druid need not control the elemental, as it will not turn upon him.

Animate Rock: This spell is similar to an animate any object spell of a cleric, but it affects only stone. Up to approximately 26 cubic feet of stone can be animated (2 cubic feet x level of druid). The rock will move at 2-4" per turn, the faster speeds for rock-masses which are basically of an ambulatory shape such as statues. The animated rock will probably obey the druid animating it (70% chance). Duration: 6 turns.

Reincarnation: Similar to the spell of that name used by magic-users but with a bias towards animals.

Creeping Doom: A spell which calls up a horde of small and deadly insects, myrapodia and arachnids. They appear within 1-3 turns of being called. From 100 to 1,000 come. The mass of small creatures then move forward to attack whatever they are commanded to, provided it is within 6" at the time they are instructed. They will pursue until the prey is beyond a 24" range (or until it or they are otherwise destroyed). Note: This spell is employable in non-outdoor situations as well as outdoors.

Confusion: Same as the magic-user spell.

Transmute Metal to Wood: When this spell is used upon any metal it will permanently change it into some type of wood (saving throws apply). The amount of metal that can be transmuted is equal to a weight of SO gold pieces times the level of the druid. Affect area 1 square inch. Range: 6"

MONSTER LEVEL TABLES(for summoning spells):
Giant Rats


Giant Hogs
Giant Ants
Ochre Jelly
Giant Snakes
Giant Weasles

Evil Priests
Giant Beetles
Giant Scorpions
White Apes

Hydra (6-8 Heads)

Hydra (9-12 heads)
Evil High Priests*
Purple Worms