There is small magick everywhere in the world. Many who have lived in the larger cities and towns for long enough have forgotten, but those who still dwell in the little villages and hamlets, along the ancient rivers, out on the lonely moors, or in the deep forest still remember. The Bluebird's Song that a lost child might sing to find their way back to the forest path that leads to their cottage, the Faerie Song of Hiding sung by a grandmother out gathering wood wishing to be unnoticed by a large troll passing near, The Shepherd's Song that would call animals to the caster, as long as he knew their names, The Sailor's Chant to summon a minor wind; strong enough to propel a boat if enough of the crew were participating - many of these folk know a minor ritual or two, even if it is just something to kindle a fire in the hearth, or put a colicky baby to sleep. **

Bards take this a step further. Their magic is typically stronger and more reliable, but the origins are nearly the same. In the course of their travels, bards learn stories and songs of brave heroes, daring rogues, enchanting faerie queens, fearsome giants, mystical realms, and mighty deeds. Bards learn to make these stories come alive in the minds of their audience. A powerful enough bard can literally conjure forth a moving image of color and sound capable of rendering the entire room of listeners spellbound with the story that is being spun.

** In game terms, these would necessitate a D20 roll with failure indicated on a 1. For a bard these "small magicks" are similar to magical cantrips and can be cast a number of times per day equal to the bard's Charisma score

* HP = D6 per level. 2pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks and Saves as a Cleric.

* Armor: Light or medium armor, no shield

* Weapons: Any

* Languages: Begin knowing 5. Can learn an additional 2 for each point of INT above 10

* Bards begin knowing D4 songs/spells and learn an additional D4 each level.These songs may be chosen by the player beforehand or created from necessity during play. Spell ideas can be taken from real songs (Moonshadow, Sounds of Silence, I Hear You Knockin' But You Can't Come In, etc)

* Bards can cast 1 spell per day at level 1 plus 1/day for each subsequent XP level. They can choose from any spells that they know(there are no 'spell levels') as such).

* Sage Ability: Chance to know the answer to a specific question about history, theology, geography, law, customs, music, math, philosophy, gaming, medicine, martial theory, local fables, heraldry, science, literature, etc. is 1(D6) at level 1, 1-2 at level 5, 1-3 at level 9 and 1-4 at level 13

* Find Secret Doors: 1-3(D6) when searching


* PICK POCKETS: Pickpocketing someone in a crowd who isn't expecting it automatically succeeds. For someone reasonably aware of their surroundings, and thus tough to pick-pocket, or a PC/NPC of 4th level or above, roll on the Bard Skills Table below. If the roll is failed, roll a D6. A 1-2 means that the attempt was noticed.
** Same for palming small objects in plain view


* Bards are skilled instrument makers

* Each bonus point of Charisma a Bard has lowers the saving throw of recipients of a spell he casts by 1 point

* Each bonus point of Charisma a Bard has lowers the saving throw of recipients of a spell he casts by 1 point

* At level 13 a bard can weave an illusory 3D image, complete with sound, of the story they are telling. This image appears completely real and solid and can mesmerize or charm all who are able to see or hear the bard (saving throws apply to any with INT of 13+)

Bard Skills Which Increase With Level

The chances each level are:

level 1 = 1-2(D6) level 5 = 1-3 level 9 = 1-4 level 13 = 1-5

Bard Spell Examples

Moonshadow: Good for thieves. Shadows deepen and thicken. Bonus to Hide in Shadows for thieves. Gives non-thief characters the ability of a 7th-level thief to Hide in Shadows.

Sounds of Silence: Can be cast as an area effect spell(10' radius per caster level) or on a specific creature. Lasts 1 turn per level of bard. Can be used either to mute all sounds emanating from the creatures in the circle or to protect those inside from sounds without.

I Hear You Knocking: Closes and magically locks doors/portals (as Hold Portal or Wizard Lock)

Ride of the Valkyries: Summons D4 Valkyries to fight on the side of THe Party (AC:4, F:3, DMG:1-6)

Theme from Ghostbusters: Protection from Spirits and Undead, 10' radius

March of the Dwarven Clans: spirits high, exhaustion relieved, can double distance traveled on foot in a day. If used for two days in a row, the third day must be a day of rest - no foot travel.

Fly Me to the Moon:

Kung Fu Fightin': Causes 2D6 adversaries to break into kung fu fighting amongst themselves. Those above level 4 or with a 13+ INT get a saving throw.