RACCOON FOLK (can progress to level 14)

Raccoon Folk are mutants - 3'- 3'6" tall humanoid raccoons - created by
genetic technologists after the fall of the Ancient Ones and before
the dominance of magic, when superscience and magic still mixed.

Raccoon Folk are highly intelligent, curious, and inquisitive.
They like to touch things - objects and creatures they encounter
in their world. Because they have a highly developed sense of touch,
they can often perceive small details in objects and creatures that
most others would miss. They are also quite impulsive, often jumping
into a situation before looking. This makes them fall on the Chaotic
side of the alignment spectrum.

Raccoon Folk are attracted to interesting objects - especially if they
are shiny - and a saving throw must be rolled whenever a they see such
an item in order to avoid stealing it. Raccoon Folk will also absent-
mindedly pocket just about anything that catches their fancy for later
examination. They are thus considered to be natural thieves by those
who have had personal experience with the race.

Raccoon Folk are startled by loud or sudden sounds which usually cause
them to instantly freeze in place, in whatever position they were in at
that moment(which is sometimes very amusing). They also have an extreme
dislike and fear of large birds of prey, or creatures with similar features
such as griffins and hippogriffs, and will take a lot of convincing to go
anywhere near such a beast.

Though usually friendly, Raccoon Folk can be quite caustic and abrasive when
annoyed. They can also be quite talkative and are natural story tellers and
performers. Some are found in traveling shows as stage actors and entertainers,
while some will carry musical instruments and function as bards(though without
the spellcasting abilities of the Bardic class). Raccoon Folk love practical
jokes and get along very well with Gnomes.

* Move: 9"

* Light armor and no shield

* Can use any weapon sized for them(a longsword would be a
2-h sword for Raccoonfolk. They prefer daggers, throwing knives,
rapiers, cutlasses, crossbows, and firearms
* Bite/claw attack for D4 damage

* ambidextrous and can fight Florentine

* +2 to DEX, +2 to PER, -2 to STR at chargen

* HP = D6 + CON at first level, D6 through level 9, 2pts/level after level 9

* Attacks as a Fighter, Saves as Thief

* +1 on to-hit rolls with thrown weapons

* Large humanoids such as ogres and trolls, etc attack Racconfolk at -2 to hit.
Giants attack at a -4.

* Cold Resistance: +2 to saves vs cold attacks, -2 to every D6 of cold damage

* +2 to saves vs poison and disease
* Keen sense of smell, can track by scent

* -2 to saves vs attacks/spells involving scent (Stinking Cloud for instance)

* -2 to saves vs sonic attacks

* Can see on a dark night as if they were in bright moonlight

* Surprised on a roll of 1, Surpise on a 1-3 when moving normally.

* Cleptomania: Must make a PSY saving throw every turn when within sight of
shiny or interesting objects to avoid stealing them. If the
save is failed, treat the character as "stunned" as all of
their attention is on the object of their desire. A new save
can be made on the next turn (if the Raccoon Folk hasn't yet
pocketed the item). In combat, or other immediately dangerous
circumstances, a new save can be made each round until the
character regains control of themselves.

* +4 to reaction checks from small mammals and non-predatory larger mammals
(horses, deer, etc)

* Languages: Begin with Common, Thieves' Cant, Gnome +1 other language of choice

* Falling: Can fall 40' without injury

* Escape Artist - from ropes, bonds, non-magical bindings, etc.
D20 minus XP level equals number of rounds needed
to escape.

* 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors/hidden compartments when merely
passing by. 3 in 6 chance to find when actively searching

* Hear Noise/Listen at doors: 3 in 6 chance

* Stealth: Hide in Shadows/Plain Site, Move Silently on 1-4(D6). if this
roll fails, have anyone nearby roll a Hear Noise check to see
if the Raccoonfolk was detected.

* Pick Pockets/Palming/Concealing Small Items: base chance of 1-4 on D6

* Open Locks/Puzzle Boxes/Magical Closures/Disarm Traps: as Thief level 7

* Because of their origins, Raccoonfolk have a 1-2(D6) chance of knowing (or being able to easily figure out) the function and operation of tech devices they come across.

* Climbing: can usually climb any surface that is rough enough to be able
to grip with hands and feet without climbing gear and without
any skill roll. If a skill roll is required, treat them as
lvl 7 thieves.

* Useful Junk: Any time you need an item which wasn't specified on your
character sheet, you may simply declare that you have it.
This is subject to a few restrictions:

1) it cannot be worth more than a few gp
2) it must be something genuinely useful for the current situation
3) it can weigh no more than 2 lbs, and be no more than 12 inches long.
4) It can't be something obviously a weapon.
5) It can't be a unique item, or something with specific written information on
it; any item produced will be generic.

Until you actually produce the item, it takes up no space and has no weight in
your inventory. Situations that might destroy it (eg. being immersed in water
would ruin a sandwich) have no effect on such an item until it is produced.

Initially, you have one use of this racial ability with an additional use at
levels 4, 7, 10, and 13. All uses of this ability are used up if you are for
some reason strip-searched, or otherwise lose the entire contents of your
clothing and pack. The uses can be replenished by one day of downtime in a
large town.