HALF-ELF (Can only progress to level 15)

* While not commonplace, it's not unusual for humankind
to have liasons with the Fey. Half-Elves inherit from
both parents, but usually the human side is dominant.
Half-Elves grow to around 5' 6" to 5' 10" in height.
They are more slender than humans, their ears have gently
rounded points, and they move with a supple grace that
belies their elven heritage. Half-Elves usually live
among humans (there are no half-elf cities as such) and
can be any class of character that humans can, though
they tend to dislike occupations that require more than
light armor.

* +1 to DEX at chargen

* Half-Elves are very farsighted(2X human vision) and can see on a dark
night as if they were in bright moonlight

* +2 to animal reaction rolls

* Hear noise on 1-2(D6)

* Light Step: Half-Elves run very lightly over the ground. Treat difficult
terrain as 1 type better.

* Languages: Begin with Elvish, Common, plus 2 others

* Sleep spells have no effect on a role of 1-2(D6)

* Half-Elves can cast magical cantrips at any time.