HALF-ORK (Can progress to level 14)

* Half-Orks are usually occur as a result of the Ork Carnival/Circus
passing through town. Half-Orks tend to look mostly human but with
heavier jaws, teeth which are a bit larger and somewhat pointy-ish,
and a forehead that's a bit heavier with brow ridges. They are usually
between 5' 6" - 6' tall and are more muscular than the typical human.
Half-Orks are partial to loose and flowing, multi-hued clothing and
bright, metal jewelry of all kinds. They can be any class that a human
can, from warrior to wizard, though they usually prefer active occupations.

* +1 to DEX, +2 to STR, -2 to CHA, -2 to INT at chargen

* Half-Orks can see in dim light as if it were bright light

* Immune to the effects of Ork Carnie-speak and Shellgame

* Hear Noise on 1-2(D6)

* +1 to-hit with thrown weapons, treat long range as medium

* 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors/hidden compartments when merely
passing by. 3 in 6 chance to find when actively searching

* +2 on Climbing checks

* +2 on Acrobatic and tumbling checks

* -2 per D6 of damage taken from falls of 40' or less

* +2 on checks to disbelieve illusions/saves vs illusions

* +2 to Palming/Concealing small objects

* Languages: Begin with Common, Ork, and 2 others