* Only light armor and no shield

* Can use 1-handed weapons, thrown weapons, and missile weapons

* Thieves can fight Florentine(with 2 daggers, sword and dagger, or sword and cloak)

* Hp = D6 per level. 2pts/level after 9th level.

* +1 on to-hit rolls with thrown weapons. Treat long range as medium.

* At 8th level, can sense invisible creatures nearby. Thieves can also fight effectively in pitch dark or when blindfolded at this time.

* Thieves know the Thieves' Cant

* Only 1 in 6 chance to spring traps when passing over them(instead of the usual 1-2)

* 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors/hidden compartments when merely passing by. 4 in 6 chance to find when actively searching

* Thieves can conceal small items on their person with only a 1 in 6 chance of them being found by a careful search.

* Thieves are surprised on a roll of 1(D6) and surprise on 1-4 (This number is used when thief is moving about normally. When intentionally trying to move quietly, use the Move Silently numbers)

* 4 in 6 Chance to detect sloping passages, shifting walls, trick rooms, pits, new construction when actively examining them

* Strike Silently From Behind - The ability to silence guards without raising an alarm(stealth kill). +4 on to-hit roll. Double damage at level 1, with like additional damage for every four xp levels the thief has. So, triple damage at level 5, four times the damage at level 9, and so on. This is a SURPRISE attack so victims will be unable to respond for one round.

* At 3rd level, a Thief can mimic any voice or accent after listening to the speaker for a few rounds

* At 5th level, Thieves gain the skill of ventriloquism

* At 7th level, the skill of Forgery is gained. Forgery takes time(D6 turns or hours) and knowledge of seals and such for specific documents. Well known signatures require a skill roll if not carefully studied beforehand to see if they were done correctly

* At 9th level, Thieves can brew poisons, drugs, and antidotes

* At 16th level, a Thief can meld into a shadowed area and teleport to another shadowed area within sight. A Hear Noise check should be made by creatures at the area where the Thief arrives to see if he is noticed.

* FINDING TRAPS ** See MISC RULES Section on Finding Traps

* PICK POCKETS: Pickpocketing someone in a crowd who isn't expecting it automatically succeeds. For someone reasonably aware of their surroundings and expecting an attempt, or a PC/NPC of 4th level or above, roll on the Thief Skills Table below. If the roll is failed, roll a D6. A 1-2 means that the attempt was noticed. ** Same for palming small objects in plain view

* OPEN LOCKS: Most simple door and chest-type locks can be opened but they require TIME - D4 roll representing the number of rounds it takes. For more complex locks, or locks that may be difficult to open because of rust, etc, roll on the Thief Table below to see if they can be opened, then roll for time. PUZZLE BOXES and MAGICAL CLOSURES are rolled for in the same way that complex locks are.

* REMOVE TRAPS without springing it or leaving any visible sign of tampering: This is similar to finding traps). Roll on Thief Skills Table below. If this roll fails, roll a D6, a 1-2 indicates that the trap was sprung.

* HIDE IN SHADOWS: The ability to fade back into the shadows(similar to the Hobbits' Hide In Plain Sight ability. Roll on Thief Skills Table below.

* MOVE WITH GREAT STEALTH: The ability to move absolutely silently and unseen*. Roll on Thief Skills Table below. If the roll is failed, have everyone in the vicinity make a Hear Noise roll as the Thief may still be moving stealthily enough to remain unnoticed.
* Unseen as long as the thief is moving in shadows, otherwise it is just Moving Silently.

* DECIPHER: Treasure maps, magical scrolls, strange codes, runes, glyphs, and ciphers, artifact command words. Roll on Thief Skills Table below.

* HEAR NOISE/LISTEN AT DOORS: Roll on Thief Skills Table below.

* CLIMBING: Climbing nearly sheer vertical surfaces without rope and harness. Use Thief Skills Table below. Note that Thieves can usually climb normally climbable stuff without climbing gear and without any skill roll.

** If CLIMBING roll is failed, character falls from a random height

* ACROBATICS: Tumbling, Balance, Tightrope walking, Landing on Feet from a throw or fall# and taking no dmg, Use Thief Skills Table below.

# Can fall/be thrown 10 feet/xp level. Max = 60'

* ESCAPE ARTIST - escape from ropes, bonds, non-magical bindings, etc. Use Thief Skills Table

* DISGUISE: A Thief can create a disguise able to fool close friends and family of the creature being impersonated. Roll on the table below.

Thief Skills Table
level 1 = 1-2(D6) level 4 = 1-3 level 7 = 1-4 level 10 = 1-5 level 13 = 1-19(D20)