Rangers are a last remnants of a once great civilization which fell long ago. Once, they were the high guardians of peace in the realm, the knights of a modern Camelot. Now, Rangers live on the borderlands of civilization, their linneage all but forgotten...except by them. They quietly guard settlers on the borderlands from hostile humanoids and the like and are sometimes employed as guides or scouts through dangerous wilderness territory.

* Only light armor(leather typically)

* Can use any weapon but are most well known for the 2 techno-magic 'death wands' they wear holstered around their waist. These 'wands' are made of an unbreakable metal, about 8 inches long, with a carved handle of sandalwood. When employed, they create a terrible sound like thunder and belch forth smoke from the ends, killing or seriously injuring whatever they are pointed at.

Wands can each shoot 6 times before having to be reloaded(takes 1 round per wand). Each shot does D6+2 damage to all creatures regardless of size. AC(this also includes creatures whose AC is not the result of armor/armored skin) is treated as one full step worse(Light is treated as None, Medium as Light, etc) for to-hit rolls. These wands can hit creatures normally only hit by +1 magic weapons.

Range is as a shortbow. If both sixguns are used together, Ranger gets 2 attacks per round. These weapons can be used during melee, unlike other ranged weapons, though they do NOT count as 'melee weapons' when attacking 'normal men'.

Several small cylinders are contained in pouches on the belt. These cylinders hold 6 'force bullets' each. When a wand needs to be reloaded, a fresh cylinder is taken from the belt and exchanged for the empty cylinder in the wand. The cylinders naturally recharge within 1 hour if placed back in one of the belt pouches. If an empty cylinder is not replaced in the belt within 3 turns, it will take an entire week to recharge once it is finally placed in the belt pouch. A belt will contain 2D6 cylinders.

These weapons can hit creatures which normally require a +1 weapon to hit.

Rangers will typically be armed with six-gun(at 8th level), hand axe, dagger, short sword, and composite bow.

* +1 to hit with missile weapons, treat long range as medium, Rangers can shoot on the run. Rangers are skilled as bowyer and fletcher.

* Can fight Florentine-style with small weapons - hand axes, daggers, and the like

* Hp = D6+1 + CON bonus per level. 3pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks and Saves as a Fighting Man.

* Rangers get a number of melee attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc).

* Rangers are skilled in Wilderness Survival, Herbalism, and Animal Lore of animals common to their environment. They also learn the spoor and habits of unusual animals and monsters(see table below).

* Languages: Begin with Common, Elven, Ent, Hobgoblin, Ork, Gnoll, and Giant.

* Animal Handling: Rangers are experts at riding and at training mounts (and any other animal which can be trained - wolves, bears, wildcats, birds, foxes, raccoons, ferrets, lizards, elephants, etc).
Add CHA Bonus to any reaction rolls involving animals of all types.
Upon reaching 4th level, they can acquire a special steed that will become an inseparable companion for life. This steed can be obtained by a fervent desire on the part of the Ranger to connect with it. The steed will have maximum HP, make saving throws at the same level as their Ranger companion, be highly intelligent, and will be able to understand the Common tongue.
The Ranger and his mount share an almost telepathic bond and either would risk his life for the other. If his first companion is slain, it may take years to find another.

* A ranger moves through difficult terrain(on foot) as if it were one class better.

* Direction Sense: +2 to rolls to avoid becoming lost

* Passive ability to Detect Pits and Snares(1 in 6 chance). And only 1 in 6 chance to spring pit traps and snares when passing over them (instead of the usual 1-2). If outdoor traps (like pits and snares) are being actively searched for, the base chance of detecting them is 1-4(D6) at level 1, 1-6 at level 8.

* Rangers have a 1-4(D6) chance to detect areas of high radiation before getting close enough to be affected

* Hear noise on a 1-2(D6)

* A Ranger is surprised on a 1(D6) and surprises on a roll of 1-3 when moving normally. Outdoors a ranger can usually only be surprised by another ranger, barbarian, or elf.

* Rangers are difficult to track outdoors. Only a ranger, elf, or barbarian can do so. There is a 1 in 6 chance with +1 for every 3 levels the tracker has above the Ranger he is tracking.

* Rangers move about a lot and travel light. As such they do not build strongholds/castles, or retain bodies of men at arms, though they can have a stable dwelling. In addition to personal weapons and armor, a ranger will only keep enough treasure to pay for modest expenses, the rest being given to the needy or another worthy cause.

* Upon reaching 8th level, a Ranger can begin construction of his own set of sixguns, the making of which being a secret that Rangers are willing to die for. This construction typically will take several weeks of time, at the completion of which, the Ranger is allowed to take and train a new apprentice Ranger.

Ranger Skills Which Increase With Level
At level 1 = 1-2(D6) level 4 = 1-3 level 7 = 1-4 level 10 = 1-5 level 13 = 1-11(D12)

* Tracking over difficult terrain/under adverse conditions/indoors

* Hide outdoors in natural surroundings/in "plain sight"

* Hunter's Step: No chance of being heard if this roll succeeds. If the roll is failed, make a Hear Noise check for any creatures in the area to see if the ranger was heard (1(D6) for humans, 1-2 for demi-humans).

* Animal Lore (identify tracks and know behaviors/habits of UNcommon or RARE animals and monsters)