Barbarians live very close to nature(i.e. Tarzan). Barbarians climb sheer cliffs, swing from vines, wrestle lions and crocodiles, talk to chimanzees, command elephants, etc. No comfy mattress to sleep on, like those effete, city-bred weaklings. Some rushes thown on the floor will feel like a fine featherbed. A Barbarian is Primal Man.

* Only light armor(leather, bone/tusk, or other light and primitive armor) and shield

* Begins knowing only the weapons practiced by his culture. However, the Barbarian can learn to use any weapon.

* Can fight Florentine-style with 2 small weapons(such as dagger and hand axe or 2 hand axes, etc)

* Hp = D6+1 + CON bonus per level. 3pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks and Saves as a Fighting Man.

* +2 to all saving throws.

* Barbarians get a number of melee attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc).

* At level 8, can sense invisible opponents nearby and fight effectively when blindfolded or in the dark.

* At level 8, can hit creatures normally only hit by +1 magic weapons.

* At 4th level, the Barbarian causes "normal" types to check morale at -1 At 8th level, the Barbarian causes "normal" types to check morale at -2 when he charges them. Normal animals must also make a morale check before attacking a Barbarian.

* If a save against magical fear is not made, there is a 50% chance that the Barbarian will be driven to a berzerk frenzy, attacking the source of the magical fear at +2 to-hit and damage. At 8th level, the chance rises to 75%.

* Barbarians are closely attuned to nature, and bristle at the supernatural. They have a passive 2 in 6 chance to Detect Magic in their immediate surroundings.

* A Barbarian (usually)begins knowing only his tribal tongue and Common. He cannot read or write Common but will know his own tribal symbols - and perhaps the symbols of other local tribes.

* A Barbarian begins with all of the taboos as well as all of the skills (e.g. canoe building) of his culture.

* A Barbarian can mimic the sound of any animal he has ever heard and can communicate with normal animals from his particular environment in their own tongues(eg. Tarzan could talk with lions, chimpanzees, elephants, etc). It is also possible to learn the speech of animal-types in new regions given time.

* Barbarians will not use any magic item, armor, or weapon unless absolutely necessary for their immediate survival. Once the crisis is averted, they will happily give it back to its owner or toss it away if it was found and not given to them. The exception to this rule is a magic item given them by their tribal shaman(or another who is as trusted and respected)

* Barbarians have a -2 on reaction rolls from most cityfolk. Barbarians will avoid large cities whenever possible. The narrow streets and masses of closely packed bodies makes them feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

* Barbarians are skilled in Wilderness Survival, Herbalism, and Animal Lore of animals common to their environment.

* Direction Sense: +2 to rolls to avoid becoming lost.

* Hear Noise on a 1-2(D6)

* Barbarians are surprised on a 1 and surprise others on a 1-3. Outdoors they can usually only be surprised by other barbarians, rangers, hobbits, or elves.

* A Barbarian moves through difficult terrain as if it were one class better.

* A Barbarian can see on a dark night as if he is in bright moonlight.

* Barbarians are difficult to track outdoors. Only a ranger, elf, or another barbarian can do so. There is a 1 in 6 chance with +1 for every 3 levels the tracker has above the Barbarian he is tracking

* Climbing ability as Thief of the same level but with regard to natural surfaces(stone cliffs, limbless tree trunks, etc)

* Passive ability to Detect Pits and Snares(2 in 6 chance). And only 1 in 6 chance to spring pit traps and snares when passing over them (instead of the usual 1-2).

* Hide outdoors in natural surroundings/in "plain sight"(5 in 6 chance)

* Endurance: A barbarian can endure natural extremes of heat and cold with nothing more than a grim smile. They do not take damage, nor are they slowed, by the blistering desert sun or the chilling touch of the arctic wastes.

* Inner Reserve: A barbarian may call upon his primal nature to grant a brief bonus to strength and constitution. He may do this once per day for every five levels he has obtained (once a day from first level, twice at 10th, and three times at 15th). He may gain +2 to any STR(including melee damage) or CON rolls for D6 rounds, allowing him to strike deeper in combat, lift heavy weights, tear down gates, or perform other feats of power.

Barbarian Skills Which Increase With Level
At level 1 = 1-2(D6) level 4 = 1-3 level 7 = 1-4 level 10 = 1-5 level 13 = 1-11(D12)

* Tracking over difficult terrain/under adverse conditions. This is only in the outdoors, unlike the ranger who can also track underground/indoors

* Hunter's Step: No chance of being heard if this roll succeeds. If the roll is failed, make a Hear Noise check for anyone nearby to see if the barbarian was heard (1(D6) for humans, 1-2 for demi-humans).