Monks seek mental and physical mastery over themselves. As with scholars, there are many different orders with different agendas.

* No armor or shield

* Uses no weaponry - Monks fight with empty hands

* Hp = D6 per level. 2pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks and Saves as a Cleric.

* Monks get 2 attacks/round at level 9

* Monks do D6-1 damage at level 1, D6+1 at level 5, 2D6 at level 13

* Any damage dealt by a monk which is over the amount necessary to bring their foe to zero hp is spread around to the next closest adversary(ies) with an AC that was able to be hit by the monk's attack roll until all the points are used.

* Monks get a number of melee attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc).

* Monks can choose the damage to be stunning rather than lethal. If opponent reaches 0 HP they are knocked out when stunning damage is chosen.

* At 4th level, if the monk is able to sneak up on a humanoid foe of roughly hobbit to ogre sized from behind, he can knock out his opponent, on a successful to-hit roll, with a hand chop to the neck. His opponent is automatically knocked out for D6 turns. If the opponent is 2 levels/HD or more greater the monk, it gets a saving throw to remain conscious. For each level/HD difference greater than 2, add +1 to the opponent's saving throw.

* At 5th level, the Monk is as tough to hit as if he were wearing light armor. At level 9, medium armor. At level 13, heavy armor.

* Missiles may be dodged if a Saving Throw is made.

Monk Level Monk Speed
1 12"
5 15"
9 18"
13 21"
17+ 24"

* Iron Fist: At 10th level, the Monk can deliver a single blow which can be used to smash open a locked door, shatter or crack a strong object, bend an iron bar, etc. This ability can be used as many times/day as the monk has levels/2, but at least 1 turn must elapse between each use.

* Contemplation: By meditating undisturbed for D10 turns, a Monk can affect something similar to an augury(get a general sense of whether or not the result next action being contemplated will be helpful or harmful to the party(breaking the seal on the altar in the room for instance). Contemplation can also be used to receive a bonus on another check involving knowledge or understanding.

* +2 to Saving Throws vs mental attacks/spells/charms

* At 8th level, can sense invisible/astral/out of phase creatures and objects nearby, and fight effectively when blindfolded or in the dark.

* Monks are surprised on a 1(D6) and surprise on a 1-3 when moving normally.

* Secret doors are found on a 1-3 if searching and a 1 if merely passing by.

* Monks have only a 1 in 6 chance of springing a trap when they pass through the area in which it is set (instead of the usual 2 in 6).

* At 9th level, can hit monsters normally requiring a +1 magic weapon to hit(with their hands and feet).

* Hear Noise, Hide In Shadows, Move Silently, Climbing, Acrobatics (balance, narrow ledges, tightropes, fighting on uneven ground, landing on feet from a throw/fall, etc) as Thief of the same level.

* Escape Artist: Can escape from non-magical shackles and bindings in D20 minus monk's xp level in rounds (takes at least 1).

* Falling: At level 3 a monk may fall 20' without taking damage if there is a wall or other surface within 3' with which the monk can slow his descent. At level 7, 40'. And at level 10, the fall can be from any height.
** Jumping: A monk may jump straight up 3'/xp level (i.e. 12' at level 4).

* Herbalism skill

* Monks can endure natural extremes of heat/cold without ill effect. They can also go without water in extreme environments for a number of days equal to 3x their XP level.

* +2 bonus when attempting to disbelieve an illusion

* Monks may use most magical/clerical items, scrolls, potions (except for armor and weapons).

* Monks will give away all treasure that they win, save that which is necessary to maintain themselves. Gifts will be to the poor or to charitable institutions. They may keep small magic items - rings, scrolls, garments, and the like

Special Monk Powers Gained At Certain Levels
* At level 1: Move small objects with the mind - candle flames, flutter bits of cloth, slide coins across a table, etc

* At level 2: Produce a small flame by the concentration of Chi

* At level 3: Firewalk/walk on hot coals for 1" distance per level

* At level 4: Speak with Animals

* At level 5: Suspend animation for D6 turns/level (No heartbeat, respiration, low body temp)

* At level 6: Immune to poisons/toxins, paralysis
Hold Person has no effect

* At level 7: Instantly self heal 2pts/level once a day
Immune to fear spells/effects

* At level 8: Speak with Plants
Suggestion/Hypnosis/Charm have no effect
Waterwalk for 1 turn/level/day

* At level 10: Not subject to normal quests and geases
Levitation(1 turn + 1 turn/level)

* At level 11: Closed mind - ESP, Telepathy, psychic location doesn't work if the monk chooses to block contact
Astral Projection(as spell)

* At level 12: Windwalk(as the spell) 2 times/day

* At level 13: True seeing(as the spell) 3 times per day.