* Elves represent the part of faerie-kind which has pushed farthest into the physical realms. They actually have a foot in both worlds at once, thus elves never really "die". They just fade back into the realm from which they came. Elves are highly chaotic and do not share the same concerns and worries as true mortals. They can be flighty at times and capricious, although they are often mirthful and love wine, song, and dance(which can entrance onlookers). They can also be quite dangerous if their meadows and groves are intruded upon or damaged. Most other races are a curiosity to them(or else completely boring depending on the mood of the elf at the time). Elves have a shining, delicate beauty that is almost magical. +3 to any seduction(or similar) rolls.

5 to 5 1/2 feet tall, 100-120 pounds. Elves live in forests and meadows or occasionally in caves). They often have homes within giant trees or tree houses connected with bridges of rope and wood, and lit as if by a thousand fireflies. It is often dangerous for mortals to wander in to an elven area unwares as time does strange things in these places, often running much more slowly than in the "outside world". There are also rumors of cities of unearthly beauty consisting of graceful spires, delicate arches, glistening pools, and ornate gazebos woven about with flowers and ivy).

The structure of elven society is a mystery, and to outsiders there may appear to be no structure at all. However there is usually a 'king' and 'queen' who are given deference and decide on important matters (whatever might be considered 'important' to elves).

Elves love to collect beautiful or interesting things from around the land. There will usually be a common area in any community where these items and trinkets are collected and displayed. Many artfully bound books and illuminated scrolls may be found here. Some are no doubt very useful and highly prized, although visual appeal is usually more important to the elves than content.

Elves are fond of hobbits and gnomes(although that doesn't stop them from pulling pranks and practical jokes on them). They admire the craftsmenship of dwarves but don't associate much with them. Humans they may find interesting or boring, ridiculous or dangerous. There are stories of humans and elves producing offspring and mortals resembling elves have apparently been seen from time to timed.

There are Dark Elves rumored to live deep under the ground. Their skin is inky black and they are often portrayed as malevolent.

Sea Elves live in underwater castles of coral and can shapechange into dolphins.

ELF(Can only progress to level 12)

* Uses no armor or shield

* Can use any weapon(prefer swords, daggers, bows, and spears/javelins)

* +3 to DEX, -1 to STR at chargen

* Base 15" Move

* Hp = D6 per level. 2pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks as a Fighting Man, Saves on B/X Elf Table.

* Elves get a number of melee attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc).

* Elves can fight Florentine

* +1 to hit with bows, treat long range as medium. Can fire bows on the run without penalty.

* -2 on to-hit rolls against elves(they are quick!)

* At 8th level, can sense invisible, astral, out of phase creatures and objects nearby and fight effectively blindfolded or in the dark.

* At 8th level, can hit monsters normally requiring a magic weapon to hit.

* Elves are very farsighted(3X human vision) and can see on a dark night as if they were in bright moonlight

* Permanent Animal Friendship "Spell" in place(+6 to reaction rolls) And animals local to the area in which the Elf lives or frequents most will be of aid to the Elf in times of need.

* Elves can mimic any humanoid/animal speech/sound they've ever heard.

* Hear Noise on a 1-3(D6)

* Elves are surprised on a 1 and surprise others on a 1-4. Outdoors, elves can(usually) only be surprised by other elves.

* Elves passively detect magic and nearby magical creatures on a 1-3

* Find secret doors on 1-3 if searching and on a 1 if merely passing by.

* Pick Pockets/palming as Thief of the same level.

* Hide in Natural Surroundings/in plain sight(forests and meadows) on a 1-11(D12)

* Elves are difficult to track outdoors. Only a ranger or another elf can do so. There is a base 1 in 6 chance with +1 for every 3 levels the tracker has above the elf he is tracking.

* Light Step: Elves run very lightly over the ground. Treat difficult terrain as 2 types better.

* Elves can endure natural extremes of heat/cold without suffering ill effect.

* Languages: Begin with Elvish, Faerie, Common, Gnome, Ent, and the speech of mammals and birds and trees. Sea Elves know Dolphin Speech, Elven, and Common.

* Immune to ghoul paralysis and may "awaken" a paralyzed ally by touch

* Sleep spells have no effect on a roll of 1-11(D12)

* Charm spells have no effect on a roll of 1-2(D6)

* On a roll to disbelieve an illusion, elves have either a +2 or a -2 bonus/penalty to the roll (50% chance for either). Elves live in 2 worlds at once and the solidity of the perception of each varies.

* Elves make wine, brandy and sweet spirits

* Elves of 9th level or above can craft magic items if the required materials are at hand.

* Elves can cast magical cantrips at any time.

* Elves know alchemy and herbalism.

* SEA ELVES can polymorph into dolphins at will.

* Elves cast spells just as mages do, but they choose their spells from the elf spells list. Elf magic is natural, coming from dreams, rain, birdsong, laughter, wind chimes, etc. They do not "study" spells. Elves often weave spells into song, poetry, or even paintings and sculpture. Each elf character will pick(or roll for) the spells he knows of each spell level. These cannot be changed and once the spell slots for that level are used no more spells can be learned. Elves can only know a total of 5 spells of each level(see spells below).

## PSY bonuses for spell points do not apply to Elves


Level 1
detect magic
read magic
charm person
hold portal
affect normal fires
faerie fire
purify food and water
hold animal
read/comprehend languages
locate plant
locate animal
protection from evil
unseen servant
spider climb
dancing lights
detect poison
detect lie
color spray
hypnotic pattern

Level 2
detect invisible
detect illusion
detect life
phantasmal forces
neutralize poison
produce flame
hold person
phantasmal force
wizard lock
reflecting pool
detect evil
locate animal
magic mouth
mirror image
audible glamour
continual light
gaze reflection

Level 3
dispel magic
enchant an item(temporary)
water breathing
lightning bolt
protection from fire
cure disease
water breathing
animal summoning
hold monster
pass plant
charm plants
locate object
protection from evil 10' r.
protection from normal missiles
growth of plant
speak with plants
gust of wind
non-detection/mind blank
shadow door

Level 4
remove curse
charm monster
cure blindness
protection from lightning
speak with the dead
Hallucinatory Forest/Terrain
Control Temperature, 10' r
hold plant
wizard eye
polymorph self
polymorph other
dimension door
weather summoning
dimension door
wall of fire
wall of ice
create food and water
reverse gravity
water walk
flame walk
magic font

Level 5
stone to flesh
transmute rock to mud
conjure elemental
transport via plants
turn wood
lower water

Level 6
move earth
part water
raise dead
control weather
legend lore
drawmij's instant summons
finger of death(save vs death)

* predict weather(at will - not a 'spell', but an ability)