DWARF(Can only progress to level 12)
* 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, 120-150 pounds. Many male dwarves have beards of various length, often braided and tied with colorful bands. Dwarves live in vast, underground caverns in the hills and mountains. Dwellings, bridges, stairways, and passages are carved from the stone in such a way as to bring out the natural beauty and color of the rock strata. The lighting in these underground cities is also used to enhance its appearance. Dwarves are very clannish, with each clan specializing in a specific trade or vocation, although all dwarves instinctively know how to 'make things' from wood, metal, and stone. Dwarves are also adept at making clocks and other items that use gears, pulleys, gyroscopes, and pendulums, and even water and steam-powered items, though tech beyond that is the purview of the gnomes. Dwarves sometimes work with gnomes, sell to or trade with most anyone, like the company of hobbits, but consider elves too unpredictable to associate much with.

* Any armor and shield

* Can use any weapon except for large, 2-Handed human weapons. They prefer warhammers/mauls, military picks, battle axes, crossbows, shortswords, seax, shortspears, and short-handled glaives.

* +2 to CON, -2 to DEX at chargen

* Knows siege warfare and engineering

* Hp = D6+1 + CON bonus per level. 3pts/level after 9th level.

* Attacks as a Fighting Man, Saves on B/X Dwarf Table.

* Dwarves get a number of melee attacks per round equal to their xp level against normal men(or creatures of about the same strength - goblins, kobolds, dwarves, elves, orcs, gnomes, giant rats, etc).

* Encumbrance for Dwarves is twice that of Humans and the rest.

* Large humanoids such as ogres and trolls, etc attack dwarves at -2 to hit. Giants attack at a -4.

* Can see in the dark 60'(can also see into the ultraviolet spectrum)

* Immune to Fear effects/spells at level 8(Dwarves are very solid).

* Find secret doors on a 1-3(D6) if searching, on a 1 if just passing near.

* Hear Noise on a 1-2

* Disarm Small Traps as a thief of the same level.

* Pick Locks/Foil Magical Closures Open Puzzle Boxes as a thief of the same level.

* Languages: Begins with Dwarven, Common, Gnome, Kobold, Goblin, Ork, and Giant.
Dwarves can also write many types of runes - some remain invisible and unable to be read until certain conditions are met(the runes are struck by the rays of the crescent moon in Autumn, for example).

* Tireless Step: Dwarves can work, march, fight twice as long as most humans before requiring rest.

* +4 on reaction rolls from Fire Elementals (these often work in the deep forges with dwarven smiths to create special items)

* Excellent builders/miners: Can detect sloping passages, large traps (deadfalls, pits, trick rooms), shifting walls, new construction, and determine approximate depth and direction of travel underground on a roll of 1-4(D6) if examining, or on a 1 if just passing near or through.

* Dwarves can appraise the value of gems, crafted goods, and can identify if armor and weapons are magical when handling them.

* Consumate craftsmen: Dwarves can build, forge, or carve most anything. At level 9 they can construct enchanted items such as armor, weapons, rings, chests, goblets, etc, if the right materials are available.

* Dwarves often use magical runes in their crafting of armor and weapons and other things. The runes are drawn and folded into the metal as it is heated and may also be etched on the finished product. These runes augment or transform the essence of the work. Dwarves may also carve or inscribe runes 'on the fly' on existing objects(minor enchantment). Some examples might be:
1) to strengthen a wooden door, thereby increasing the time it takes an enemy to hack through it with an axe(6 turns instead of a few rounds)
2) Make that same door resistant to fire(3 turns to burn through with oil rather than 1)
3) Temporarily strengthen a wall or piece of collapsing masonry
4) Hold Portal, Knock, make a lock more easily opened, or a chain more easily shattered
5) Increase the speed of a wheeled conveyance
6) Make a 'treasure' seem unremarkable and not worth noticing or a passageway/door seem to be part of the wall to a casual glance/ passerby(These are not the droids you're looking for). May roll a D6 to notice or use an INT check.
7) Protection (over a small area - up to 3" across). More of a spell that dissuades anyone/thing from wanting to enter the area. Even small animals and insects will avoid the place. The ring of protection can be bypassed by a sustained mental effort(Save vs Magic or PSY roll).

Magical runes can be written 'on the fly' at level 4, although dwarves must reach level 9 before they can use them in their crafting. Only 1 rune per day can be written on the fly. The magic lasts until dispelled or until the object is removed or destroyed.

* Dwarves brew unsurpassed ale and mead and craft the finest musical instruments(many are magical), music boxes, and clocks.

* They sing often, sometimes weaving simple magical enchantments into their songs, such as:
- Holographic illusions for telling stories - more of a mental image than an actual physical hologram
- Emotional influence - good cheer, sorrow, irritation, raise/lower morale, inspire, remove fear, aversion, attraction, etc
- Simple suggestions - drowsiness/relaxed, fatigued/refreshed, friendship, go away, hand me the keys, etc. High INT creatures get a saving throw.
- Chant(+1 to all allies' rolls/ -1 to enemies rolls)

Magical songs can be sung/played at 4th level. One song per day. 2 songs at 8th level, 3 songs at 12th.