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Spad XIII in a field

A flat, grassy field 200 yards wide and around 400 long. At the east end stands a large, faded, red barn housing several antique biplanes - Spads, Sopwiths, and Nieuports - as well as a few vintage cars and motorcycles of various makes and models. A couple of plywood work tables, an enormous rolling toolchest, one old acetylene torch, and some gardening tools round out the collection. A wooden bat with a worn mitt hanging from the knob leans against the open barn door just waiting for someone to come and play.

A couple of dirt paths run from the field. One runs north through a row of honeysuckle bushes draped along an old split rail fence and then over some low grassy hills. Another runs south through a narrow tract of woods.

Inside one of the pockets of a worn leather flight jacket is an old, lovingly kept photo.

Beautiful Gothic lady in front of moonlit window with candelabras Snoopy flying his doghouse