You are in the room of the ancient mariner. There is a sturdy bamboo bunk here with a thin, straw mattress, a rather well constructed bamboo telescope, a rudimentary transceiver jury-rigged from found items, and a faded journal filled with mad scribblings, incomprehensible diagrams, and indecipherable equations. On the bed are the tattered remains of what appears to have been some kind of uniform - only the letters IASA can be clearly made out. There is an opening to the west.

  A  .-      N  -.     0  -----
  B  -...    0  ---    1  .----
  C  -.-.    P  .--.   2  ..---
  D  -..     Q  --.-   3  ...--
  E  .       R  .-.    4  ....-
  F  ..-.    S  ...    5  .....
  G  --.     T  -      6  -....
  H  ....    U  ..-    7  --...
  I  ..      V  ...-   8  ---..
  J  .---    W  .--    9  ----.
  K  -.-     X  -..-
  L  .-..    Y  -.--   ?  ..--..
  M  --      Z  --..
  SOS    Distress message 
  K      Over
  R      Roger
  AS     Wait 	
  BK     Break
  73     Best Regards
  88     Love and kisses
  AR     End of message
  SK     End of transmission (also VA)
  CL     Going off the air("clear")
  QSL 	I acknowledge receipt
  QSL? 	Do you acknowledge?
  QRX 	Wait
  QRX? 	Should I wait?
  QRV 	I am ready to copy
  QRV? 	Are you ready to copy?
  QRL 	The frequency is in use
  QRL? 	Is the frequency in use?
  QTH 	My location is...
  QTH? 	What is your location?

If the duration of a dot is taken to be one unit then that of a dash is three units. The space between the components of one character is one unit, between characters is three units and between words seven units. To indicate that a mistake has been made and for the receiver to delete the last word, send ........ (eight dots).