Here is an evergrowing collection of pics and gifs I like . . .

fairy castle at night beside water gif lighthouse flashing on coast gif green seahorse gif blue and white dolphin playing on surface blue dolphin jumping gif gray dolphin swimming gif forest cottage by stream gif tree man animated gif wizard with glowing staff gothic girl by candelabra and moonlit window gif haunted house on hill with lightning gif haunted house with eyes peeping out of all windows gif fireworks over the city at night gif ringed planet rises over a watery moon gif aurora borealis gif forest cottage by stream with moon and fireflies gif forest creek gif fairy tree house by water gif snapdragon flowers glittergif blue lagoon and volcano island at night gif bridge over water at night gif greek ruins gif elven girl with lights in forest mermaid with dolphins in moonlight gif Mermaid sitting on tiny island in full moon gazing up at the sky gif A couple in love gazing at each other in front of full moon and stars gif Couple '50s dancing on clouds in front of a full moon gif Snoopy and Woodstock atop doghouse watching a Van Gogh starry sky gif Snoopy flying doghouse gif Snoopy and Woodstock roasting marshmallows over campfire gif Cheshire cat appearing disappearing gif lion walking gif kangaroo hopping gif Roadrunner running gif pink panther gif owl in tree gif hungry venus fly trap gif wolf in snow with glittering eyes gif wolf howls at aurora borealis wolfmoon gif lady and the tramp share spaghetti gif lady and the tramp nosing gif brer rabbit with traveling bindle Tanis Half-Elven robinhood fox with bow nocked gif Gandalf smoking pipe beside fire gif morning visit from Gandalf TAS USS Enterprise gif TOS USS Enterprise firing phasers gif TIE fighters pursuing Falcon gif Xwings flying gif R2D2 gif flashing jukebox gif Spiderman climbing gif Wolverine running and slashing gif X-Men Gambit throwing energized deck of cards Laurana protects Sturm's body gif greek bronze age warrior gif DC Comics Neal Adams' Batman wolverine slashes with claws gif TSR Wizard Logo three tarot cards spread in a fan gif Shooting star over Stonehenge gif star cluster sparkling gif sketch of Stonehenge gif protected by dragons gif Starblazers Argo in flight TOS USS Enterprise from original pilot TOS enterprise with lights flashing gif TOS Enterprise side view TOS Enterprise Smithsonian model restored TOS Enterprise front view gif USS Enterprise fires phasers gif Captain Kirk on bridge Van Gogh The Starry Night swirling gif Indiana Jones stands over golden idol Indiana Jones examines golden idol gif several waterfalls in the woods gif Indiana Jones crouches at golden idol waterfalls over rocks gif mosque in desert oasis gif Under the Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai Snake Plissken Clint Eastwood in poncho from A Fistful of Dollars The Warriors on NYC subway train sixgun in holster with belt gif Conan with dagger jumps upon an ape-thing John Carter and his princess on Barsoom Cast of Firefly Dr Who TARDIS console gif oscilloscope gif ufo spinning gif yin yang symbol TOS Battlestar Galactica Colonial Vipers hit thrusters and roll out gif colonial viper full thrusters Battlestars in formation TOS Battlestar Galactica model pic Apollo 11 launch Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit X-15 rocket plane in flight Pan Am Boeing 707 Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Taylor and Brent secretly look over the Apes and Mutants Han leaning on Chewie Xwings attack run on Death Star gif Millennium Falcon gif Luke gets lightsabre from Obiwan both hands raised with lightsabre Obiwan's blue lightsabre gif Obiwan gives death salute Xwings in Death Star trench Sikozu Farscape Farscape Leviathon Moya lights up gif girl asleep on pile of books with candles gif Valeria fighter-thief fighting with sword Valeria fighter-thief cuts beheads Thulsa's guard wizard staff with dragonclaw holding orb gif Blacksheep Squadron in flight Vought Corsair flying gif F-15C Eagle flying gif William Barnes Wollen painting The Battle of Lexington robinhood fox gif McHale's Navy PT 73 Errol Flynn draws bow Josey Wales Lone Ranger with Silver The Gunslinger D&D characters fight dragon. Moldvay/Cook Basic illustration wizard with wizard staff gif gandalf gif wizard believe in magic gif rabbit in magic tophat gif aladdin's lamp with smoke gif two people fencing gif B9 robot with arms moving gif B9 robot with head raising gif r2d2 rolling gif r2d2 showing leia hologram gif luke's green lightsabre gif Bilbo Baggins gif blue robed wizard with staff and green glowing orb gif caterpillar with hookah on mushroom gif dolphin leaping out of water gif testtube with glowing green liquid Star Trek TOS communicator gif wolf howling at moon gif hamster gif purple castle gif The Fonz Bo, Luke, and Daisy on the General Lee Richard Petty racing Dodge Charger in 1973 Daytona 500 1969 Ford GT40. Winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans 1969 Ferrari 312P race car Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert early 70's Lynyrd Skynyrd posing in woods Lynyrd Skynyrd sitting on sidewalk in front of store Bugs Bunny with carrot Robert Plant holding dove onstage 1970s romantic Gomez and Morticia Addams with fencing foils Last of the Mohicans. Hawkeye fires rifle with Cora Duo Maxwell. Deathscythe Gundam pilot with shades Duo Maxwell. Deathscythe Gundam pilot Deathscythe Gundam gif Deathscythe Gundam gif Deathscythe Gundam gif Deathscythe Gundam gif The Highlander Arya Stark with Needle Jaqen H'ghar, Arya Stark, Valar morghulis Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton Three Musketeers 1948 Three Musketeers 1948. All for one! Excalibur comes from the lake gif sepia illustration of samurai samurai drawing sword gif samurai drawing and cutting with sword gif godzilla breating fire gif godzilla breathing fire small gif motorcycle gif. riding through city. born to be wild. mars rotating gif Washington Redskins logo glittergif cat in the hat balances stuff gif Roland blows his horn at Roncesvalles Captain Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow glittergif sailing ship gif Sailing ship under moon. Painting entitled The Crescent Moon by Montague Dawson Stone carving of Quetzalcoatl Stone carving of Quetzalcoatl - side view Land of the Lost gif. Grumpy in Lost City. Chinese dragon gif ATARI logo colorful pagoda gif Chinese dragon breathing fire from nostrils gif superman with cape blowing gif Kenjutsu masters face off gif Bruce Lee waves arms gif little appearing and disappearing ninja gif tiny faerie dragon Bart Simpson spray painting El Barto LEVI'S jeans logo baseball batter gif brown and white hamster running on wheel gif Holiday Inn sign gif Howard Johnson's restaurant 1970's logo gif Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour NASA blue starfield logo 1967 iron on - keep on truckin' Vaporwave scene raccoon finds egg gif raccoon spirit blinkie gif ferret stealing socks from chest-of-drawers gif ouija board gif old desktop computer gif
Kelly's Heroes Kilroy. Up yours, baby.
Me, Patterwalker, as a Southpark character