Here I'm collecting blinkies, gifs, and pixel art I've made. A few of the blinkies were created in online blinkie makers. Most of them, as well as all of the pixel art, were created in GIMP 2.8. If you find something you like, feel free to take.

Blinkies and Buttons

grape nehi virginia is for lovers I love you Surfer Girl TSR Hobbies apollo program 1961 to 1975 uss enterprise and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by all your base are belong to us Richard Petty 43 I drink and I know things you can't take the sky from me the amber chronicles. roger zelazny hand coded html and css i love vanilla javascript C++ is C with class i am just a leroy jenkins at heart got rum? conan of cimmeria john carter of mars marine boy quetzalcoatl the thing. it's clobberin' time! krav maga is cool! raised by lions adventurer records are groovy do you like pina coladas? astral traveler ninja magic han solo blaster pistol firing red energy bolt obiwan anh lightsaber with jedi knight text blade the pumpkin spice must flow when all else fails, reprogram the simulation seashells are treasure from the sea karaoke rock star lafayette escadrille i love to ride. motorcycle blinkie sports car racing. 24 hour le mans. go, go, go pour me a stout cinnamon pop tarts addict happy turkey day i support iatse waffle whiffer levi's. good mornin' world cirque du soleil? 1001 arabian nights microsoft basic. ms-dos stalking. intent. dreaming. the warrior's path south of the border i love art deco. streamline moderne orbis non sufficit i love snapdragons gambit black company the magnificent seven alice in chains james bond

parc. palo alto research center 88x31 button kings dominion 88x31 button clan preachain. lager and blood 88x31 button

Game Art

Battlestar Galactica Landing Bay Cylon Raider Front Cylon Raider Rear Cylcon Raider Attack Group