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This is a grand, colorful room, well lit by the natural light from tall windows placed along its north and west walls. It contains MANY wooden shelves, tall cabinets, ornate tables, and delicate glass display cases filled with astonishing and unique finds from around the multiverse. An unseen servant flits among the shelves and cases, dusting and polishing as it goes.

Navajo pottery Zulu shield and spears

Interspersed among the collections are comfy little nooks of plush couches, cozy loveseats, and cushioned hassocks. A large horned owl(stuffed) regards you from atop a tall grandfather clock and, just beyond, a dancing fire crackles merrily in the hearth.

Blue crystal skull Weird machine from early 20th century movie


A door in the east wall leads to the Kitchen.
And a sliding glass door in the northeast corner of the room leads outside to the Zen Garden.