You are in a cozy room with oak panelled walls and plush, velvet carpeting. There are several tables of differing shapes and sizes, each surrounded by comfy chairs. One is a large sand table with built in shelves containing a hundreds of miniature lead soldiers as well as a number of rather more unusual creatures. Tall walnut bookcases filled to capacity are positioned around the room and there is a small bar along the north wall. Above the bar is a sign that reads,"Bring all of your treasure to the Grognard Room to win". Behind the bar is a lighted alcove with a curtained arch.

Standing beneath the sign, a rugged figure garbed in the style of the Old West is pouring a round of drinks from a small wooden cask set on the rail. He winks at you as you enter the room and adds another glass to the tray.

Around a large table in the corner, retired Admiral Harchar and Field Marshall Zagy are sitting with a small group of colorful characters, including a tall warrior with a fierce looking green dragon emblazoned on the shield resting against his chair, a bionic humanoid raccoon from a massive starship locked in planetary orbit, and a pair of Tsolyani adventurers. One of these is an old geezer attired in the splendid panoply of an imperial general. The other is almost certainly a high priest of Vimúhla, Lord of Fire, arrayed in shining bronze armor and robes of bright scarlet. They are playing some kind of strategy game involving graph paper, lead figurines, and oddly-shaped, colored dice. When they see you, they smile warmly and beckon you to join them at the table.

A stately oak door stands on the western wall. A baby lunar dragon snoozes peacefully beside it. baby lunar dragon/flying kitty