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Sprig of holly


Window viewing crescent moon and winter trees

A merry fire crackles and pops in the grand hearth and the smell of incense mingles with the blend of delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen down the hall. Starlight glistens on frosty panes as the snow continues to fall softly outside.

A holly wreathed door stands on the south wall and holiday tunes jingle in from a record player just beyond the threshold.

In a corner of the room, close by the fire, a tall fir tree bedecked in sparkling ornaments stands atop a small hill of presents and packages tied with bright bows and glittering in the firelight.

A glass of eggnog and a plate of gingerbread cookies beckon from a small coffee table next to the couch. Feel free to grab one...or three.

Christmas tree with colorful packages Crackling fireplace

There seems to be a card peeking from one of the stockings hanging on the mantle.