cherryblossom tree

Your feet slowly sink into the soft, spongy grass of a wide meadow orchard bursting all around with color and fragrance. Jacaranda, Japanese cherry blossom, orange blossom, honey locust, wisteria, crabapple, crape myrtle, fire maple, and many more are spaced randomly throughout the field which continues on to the west for several hundred yards before coming to an end beside the overgrown remnants of an elevated hovertrack built to service the automated hydroplant at the mouth of the great river ages ago. The trees closest to the house, which also include a few Scotch pine and red cedar, are strung with sparkling strands of colored bulbs in preparation for the upcoming festivities.

Just to the north, an archway constructed of Japanese red oak leads to a rock garden around back. The windowed door to the east leads back inside.