I decided to make a digital photo album as a repository for the few old pictures I have left of close friends and family as well as for the new pictures I take. It seems especially important now, as several of those in the photos below have already headed back out onto that Great Highway over the last 15 years or so, and the rest will follow as the years roll on. Many of the old friend pics below were taken by various friends who, years later, having found me on Facebook, uploaded the pictures to my wall - a thing for which I'm extraordinarily grateful. You can see a larger version of some of the pics by right-clicking on the image and opening it in a new tab.


From left to right:
Nettie Riley, Jonathan Lesko, "Chocolate Buddha",
Kevin "Fairfax" Williams?, John "Chef" Rohland,
Steve Dresser, Chase. 1990s.
Frank Phyllis, me, Dale Rolfe at the Annandale
apartment (The Bat Cave). Late 1980s.
Me and Nathan 'Dirk' Smiler at the old Vienna,
VA apartment. Early 1990s.
Me and Angel Parsons. 1990s.
Me and Angel Parsons. Halloween Party 1990s.
Dirk, Me, Dale?, Bytor, Cary 'Jazperx' Causey
hanging at one of our apartments. Early 1990s.
Me and Greg Casto at the Torpedo Factory for
CJ Cliff and Kelisa's wedding. 1995-ish.
Fred Dodge in Pennsic garb
"German" Fred, wandering sage. 1990s.
Troy with Spiderman shirt
Troy-David, the original Captain America! 2019.
Katrena Geisel in Renfair garb
Dynamite in a small package, the always
beautiful Kat Geisel. Late 90s?
DC Metro Goths and Fandom at Kings Dominion Amusement Park
Freak Day at Kings Dominion. 1990s. Picture by Patrick "Putz" Putziger, the legendary
photographer and chronicler of the DC Metro Goth and Fandom Scene.
Erika Lynn Pierce and me at her birthday party. 1990.
Me and Erika all dolled up for her prom. 1990/91.
Me and Bethany Buffington walking on Carolina Beach,
Wilmington, NC. Mid 2000s.
Me and Bethany at Iona's house in Florida. Fall 2009.

Here's a few of Bethany and me at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. Spring of 2008.

Me playing with bottlenose dolphin Dolphin kissing Bethany Bethany and dolphin splashing Me being pulled through water by two dolphins Bethany being pulled through water by two dolphins Dolphin kissing me


Saturday brunch with the whole Dickinson Street gang.
Spring 2019. Left to right: Jeff, neighbor, Nichole with
Calista, Bruce, Me, Roger, Patrick, Caroline, Alyce, Alex,
Kaelynn, Austen(behind), Adam(in front), Beth, Mariza
I'm not sure if Patrice left early for work.
Me and Marisa Galvan Bastias. 2020/21
Me and a tired, unhappy Ishi after a short hike
turned into a 6 mile adventure in the hot sun.
Me and Alex at the Taco and Tequila Festival
in downtown San Diego. 2019.
July 4th, 2021 party. Simeon, Kiara, Nichole, Bruce, Alex with
the bandanna and Jeff and Beth on the couch.
Ethan and Patrice run into each other in 2022.

Surprise birthday dinner for me by conspiratorial friends. November 2021. I thought it was just me and my friend, Jeff, having dinner. I literally walked into the place and right by everyone (they were hiding behind their menus). Also, I have "blonde moments".

Simeon, Kiara, Calista, and Austen.
Bruce, Me, Mariza, Alyce, and Simeon. Alex has his hands up.
Nichole and Alex on the left. Jeff holding Bruce and Nichole's
newest, Bruce, and me.


Reagan Elizabeth. Number 1 niece.

Reagan and me heading out to the highway, Thanksgiving 2012. . .

Little Reagan and me on my motorcycle Little Reagan and me on my motorcycle

Miss Reagan and me waiting for something delicious. . .probably sushi.

Reagan and me at the restaurant

Here we are reading amazing adventure stories, watching Uncle Mark's favorite cool music videos, and performing astounding feats of engineering.

Us reading a favorite book Us watching music videos on the old computer Us building skyscrapers

An exciting evening exploring the park with the fam. I hope there's no troll under that bridge

Reagan running on arched wooden bridge

Reagan's tireless efforts to make her uncle "more beautiful".

Reagan combing and pretti-fying uncle's hair

And now for the introduction of Aeryn "Roo", Number 2 Niece, sometime in early 2015:

Me bottle feeding tiny Aeryn with Reagan helping Aeryn Roo at the restaurant with her uncles.

Between the ages of 5 and 12, Reagan and I didn't see each other on account of my having moved to California. Aeryn was just over a year old when I left. This is now Christmas of 2022. . .

Reagan making dessert in Grammy's kitchen, somewhere in the wilds of Tennessee.

Reagan making brownies

Aeryn and me playing phone camera battle. She's too quick! And big! Seven years is a long time.

Aeryn dodging my attempts to photograph her while attempting to capture me on digital

Aeryn locked in the bedroom and taking selfies with MY phone she has stealthily and handily nabbed!

Aeryn pimping for the camera

Aeryn back home in her magical grove with kitty soul-twin

Aeryn with golden red tabby cat familiar

Other family, a.k.a. Those Who Are Not Nieces (and, also, some nieces)

Youngest brother Michael(aka Father of Nieces), Me(the eldest
billy goat Gruff), middle brother Eric, cousin Paul holding a little
Reagan, Mom(Grammy). Circa 2013.
Grammy with Reagan and me. Circa 2012.
Brer Michael. Christmas, early-mid 2010s
This is Crystal, Mother of Drago. . .er. . .Mother
of Nieces. She likes books almost as much as I do!
She is also the shutterbug behind the camera for
most of these pics.
Mom(Grammy) reading with Avalon - Niece number 3!
Grammy, Reagan, Aeryn, and Golden Tower of Candy
Avalon with sports buggy
Avi off to the races!
Michael with acoustic guitar and Reagan
Daddy's been through the desert on a horse with no name
Uncle Eric attacked by gang of nieces
The roads are unsafe these days, even for giants! Here we
see one being attacked by a gang of naughty hobbits.
Three nieces in the woods
We solemnly swear we are up to no good.
Reagan and Aeryn on skateboards in front of house
Skater Girls!
Michael, Crystal, and Reagan
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and first Baby Bear

A few pics of Reagan at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, spring of 2021.

Reagan in Space Camp regalia
Reagan spinning in centrifuge
Reagan learning the controls

I bet she'll command the first manned mission to Mars!

More to come. . .