You are standing within a large, semi-round portico to the east of the lower hallway just beneath the Conjuring Room. The scent of jasmine floats in on a gentle breeze from a dense stand of bushes in the side yard nearby. The gaslamp sconces attached to the round, oaken columns softly glow in the fading twilight, giving the wood a lustrous, bronzy sheen. Cushioned bench seats, also of golden oak, ring the area interspersed with heavy stone planters which are home to a variety of pleasant greeneries. Smaller glazed, red clay pots containing African violets and Boston ferns are set atop the low walls supporting the rows of columns or hanging overhead suspended on polished wooden chains from the plank ceiling.

To the west, a finely carved oak door leads back into the house. To the south, beyond the line of flowering azaleas, is a small, covered porch.

round wooden column round wooden column