You are in the...


Bubbling flasks and beakers

This room is brightly lit by fluorescent lights set into the ceiling grid overhead. The slate floor beneath is discolored at irregular intervals with the residuum of old spills. Tall, metal cabinets containing supplies and materials, collected samples, and esoteric instruments line the perimeter of the chamber along with a few metal bookshelves and a row of filing cabinets. An imposing, granite table occupies one whole side of the room - on it, an exotic collection of glassware, a small cluster of gas burners, centrifuge, delicate optical arrays and an arrangement of precision measuring devices. Several smaller, slate-topped tables are scattered about along with a few sturdy, metal stools. An old, wooden writing desk sits in one of the corners accompanied by a squeaky rolling chair.

A science 'droid looks up from a work station as you enter then goes back to monitoring its experiments.

Quartz crystal sparkling
Fluorescent atom spinning
Digital meter with waveform