Pterodactyl overhead

You are on the south beach. Here the coast is much rockier and the pounding surf has carved out elaborate sea caves and magnificent arches in the cliff faces jutting out from shore. A family of pterodactyls lives high up in these crags, and from time to time one will dive into the surf to capture a wriggling morsel. Far below, among the rocks along the beach, are many small tidal pools also teeming with life. The most unusual feature is the towering mass of burnt and twisted metal silently surveying the shoreline from just beyond the breakers - the abandoned remains of a giant mecha from another time and place. It looks to have been scavenged for parts, and fairly recently at that. Rocky beach with cliffs

Look to the evening sky just after sunset. There's no telling what interesting things may appear.

There is an entrance to a narrow canyon in the cliff wall above the beach.
The shoreline continues north.