You are in the...



The area is bathed in a soft, golden-blue glow radiating from a spherical generator of unknown design, which steadily hums and crackles in the corner. As you enter the room, a small 'droid with a bad motivator cheerfully beeps at you from a recessed cybernook where it is busy downloading data.

In front of you, an assortment of odd-looking tools are laid upon an open parts catalogue and several creased schematics which are spread over a large wooden work table. The contents of several plastic parts bins have been carelessly dumped onto a square metal tray at the table's edge and the smell of heated solder hangs in the air....Someone has recently been at work here.

There are a number of projects scattered about in various states of completion. And it seems that one of those projects, a mechanical pterodactyl flying among the stalagtites above the ceiling grid, has noticed YOU.

It's probably friendly...