You are in the...


This little passageway is cut right into the limestone bedrock on which the foundation of the great house rests. Shadowy alcoves open off of the main corridor as well as do several arched thresholds leading to rooms beyond. The passage is lit by electric wall sconces set at 10 foot intervals along the rock walls.

From an open door to your left, emanate soft popping and crackling sounds accompanied by ghostly flickers of light . . .

The door just next to it leads to the science lab.

A little further along, you come to the entrance of a small music studio on the right. All appears to be silent within.

Just beyond the studio, on the same side, is the arcade.

Near the far end of the hallway is a rough opening in the rock wall.

The hallway ends at a small stone door in the rock face. The ceiling is much higher here. A flickering torch set into an iron holder casts dancing shadows along the uneven surfaces. Haphazardly scrawled high up on the wall are some WORDS.

flickering torch in wall sconce