You are in the. . .


Upon stepping through the curious portal, you have a sudden almost overwhelming sense of vertigo as the room appears to expand at the speed of thought beyond all perceptual boundaries of space and time before, almost reluctantly, restraining itself to a form able to be mostly assembled by the psyche without its plunging into perpetual madness from the shock.

As your eyes begin to focus, you notice that the room really is quite alot larger on the inside than it should be. The light of the rising moon gleams from a large, octagonal window on the east wall - the only window in the room.

In the exact center of the onyx stone floor is inscribed a large pentagram of warmly sizzling, dark red energy.

The perimeter of the room is lined with shelves crammed with everything from massive tomes to thin folios, ancient scrolls, other-dimensiona relics, containers of magical substances, intricate tools, and all types of magical artifacts.

Along the east wall is a wide, rune-carved table on which is set various alchemical apparatus containing vividly hued, fluorescent fluids bubbling away, a few lit candles, and several open books.

On a low, round table off to the right sits a twinkling crystal ball on a short tripod. Beside it, regarding you with a mixture of bewilderment and mild amusement, is a tiny dragon. His attention seems to constantly shift between you and another dark corner of the chamber.....

.....a dark corner which is suddenly illuminated!

Looks like the lady of the house is working a bit of magic tonight. I wonder what she's cooking up.