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The sand table contains links to some old-school D&D forums, gaming resources, boardgame rules, several good blogs, and websites with free rpg and wargaming rules. Appendix N is a listing of various Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure authors, books, and series for inspirational reading.

Type of Website Website Link
Old-School D&D Forum Dragonsfoot Forums
OD&D Forum Original D&D Discussion
O/AD&D Forum Kinghts & Knaves Alehouse
AD&D 1E The Delver's Dungeon
Old TSR Worlds The Piazza
RPG Forum TheRPGsite
Game Index/Forum/Reviews RPG.NET
D&D Mystara Resource Vaults of Pandius
D&D Mystara Resource
AD&D Rules Online AD&D Spell Tables
AD&D Rules Online Unearthed Arcana plus some Q&A with Gary Gygax
Empire of the Petal Throne Resource Tekumel::The World of the Petal Throne
Medieval Sourcebooks Cumberland Games All-Systems Library
Marvel Superheroes RPG Resources ClassicMarvelForever
Marvel RPG and DC Universe Stats Ben Riely's Marvel RPG Page
D&D OSR Retroclone PDF Resource Taxidermic Owlbear
Greyhawk Resource grodog's Castle Greyhawk Archives
Ancient Names Index Infernal Dreams
Game Resource freewargamesrules
Game Resource jimwallman free wargames
Game Resource Miniature Wargaming
Game System Rules Grey Ghost Press - FUDGE system 1995 rules
Game System Rules - West End Games OpenD6 Books
Game System Rules Open Gaming Network - OGL game systems rules
Fantasy Maps and Forum Cartographer's Guild
Game Rules and Resources RPG Library - ICONS
Game Rules ICONS Superheroes Game
Gaming Blog Playing D&D with Porn Stars
Gaming Blog Really Bad Eggs
Gaming Blog Planet Algol
Gaming Blog Greyhawk Grognard
Gaming Blog The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms
Gaming Blog Hill Cantons
Gaming Blog Zenopus Archives
Gaming Blog Mage of the Striped Tower
Gaming Blog Land of Nod
Gaming Blog The Mule Abides
Gaming Blog Breeyark
Gaming Blog Initiative One
Gaming Blog Cyclopeatron
Gaming Blog - Resource The Dungeon Dozen
Gaming Blog Hack and Slash
Gaming Blog Havard's Blackmoor Blog
Gaming Blog Chirine's Workbench
Gaming Blog Hidden in Shadows
Gaming Blog Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign(Rob Kuntz)
En Garde RPG Rules Elan En Garde Rules
SciFi TV/Film Blog Space:1970
Old School Star Trek Gaming Forum Old School Star Trek RPG
90's Star Wars Forum - Original Trilogy, West End Games RPG, EU books Beggar's Canyon
Play By Post RPG Forum The Unseen Servant RPG Forum
Miniatures Forum Lead Adventure Forum
Boardgames BoardGameGeek - boardgame forum, database, reviews
Boardgames Board Game Capital - boardgame rules, instructions
Dice Shop The Dice Shop Online
Dice Shop Awesome Dice

Here on the chess table are some sites with fun chess problems and puzzles, lessons and tips.

Here are some links to websites with all sorts of card game rules. Pick a card...any card.

Here are links to some computer game "Let's Plays" on Youtube that are very cool - both for the particular game itself and for the person doing the commentary. There are also a couple of links to computer game sites and blogs:


10 theRadBrad playlists 20 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Let's Play by theRadBrad 30 Penumbra Let's Play by Freadly Brenderson 40 Fallout 3 Let's Play by VGPaticus 50 Mass Effect 3 Let's Play by Darnoc 60 The Cave Let's Play by LunairEclipse 70 Journey Let's Play by TheAdiposeTV 80 Fallout New Vegas Let's Play by Squee913 90 Maniac Mansion Let's Play by MysteriousJG 100 Zak Mckracken Let's Play by MysteriousJG 110 Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition) Let's Play by Dave McCauley 120 Monkey Island 2 (Special Edition) Let's Play by Necroscope86 130 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Let's Play by Ikari86YT 140 The Wolf Among Us Let's Play by ChristopherOdd 150 Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Let's Play by ChristopherOdd 160 ChristopherOdd playlists 170 Let's Play American McGee's Alice by FrozenFoxy 180 Let's Play Space Quest by Dilandau3000 190 Gaming After 40 computer adventure game blog 200 Raph Koster's Website - computer games, game design, digital art

My computer game PORTAL

Arkm's OD&D Page

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