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The lower hallway runs from east to west, intersecting with the entry hall about midway down. A soft, wine red carpet runs down the center of the hardwood floor from end to end, and the walls of polished mahogany are decorated here and there with Japanese woodcuts along with a number of compartmented shelves and wall niches containing knick knacks, curios, and tiny bonsai. A holo-painting of attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, by an unknown artist, floats near the wall above a slender table with a Tiffany lamp near the threshold to the entry hall. At the east end is the kitchen and a formal dining room. A door just beyond leads out to a round porch.

At its west end is a small alcove with a cushioned window seat next to some carpeted stairs leading up. A door just beyond leads out to the meadow orchard.

Tiffany lamp