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The soft rays of the early morning sun filter in through the large, bay window overlooking the rock garden, infusing the whole area with a soft, ethereal glow, and warming the wide windowseat beneath. The floor is plushly carpeted with a thick, soft wool that lovingly enfolds your feet as you quietly pad across the room. This is the main playroom of the house.

Dozens of tall shelves and deep cubbies, containing a myriad of games, toys, models, puzzles, electronic devices, and plastic figures(all with their accompanying accessories) of various sizes, are built into the painted panelled walls. Several dozen feet of charcoal-colored racing track with working lights and reflective guardrails wend and wind around an oval table in one of the corners by the window. Standing nearby, a tall, walnut hutch displays a colorful assortment of books of game rules, small crafts, and magic tricks. Across the room, a game of Battleship in progress seems to have been interrupted by an invading force of green, plastic army men intent on capturing the table.

A spacious TV cabinet with console games and shelves of cartridges occupies the south wall. And a large walk-in closet in the east wall accommodates an assemblage of sports and recreation equipment, from baseball mitts to fishing gear, and roller skates to snow sleds. A couple of neon-colored Nerf guns lean against the door jamb next to an antique TOYBOX.