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A concealed portal, a few steps, a couple of turns, and you pass under an archway emerging onto a hidden. . .

topiary gif


. . . of light sandstone ringed by a low wall of slightly darker stone. Living sculptures of boxwood, yew, and myrtle are arranged about, dividing up the larger spaces or creating secluded nooks around the main area. Smaller flowering plants grow in flowerbeds near the walls, while shapely junipers stand near each of the archway entrances. A round, stone hearth is located at the center of the patio, and close by is a low, wooden table ringed about with soft divans and cushions resting on beautiful serapi. Floating candles in marble-columned basins, tall oil lamps, and hanging lanterns, strategically placed, give added light on dark nights. candle in glass

serapi small arch small arch