Here is a random (and evergrowing) collection of treasures that were liberated by Mrak The Barbarian a few years ago during the sack of Venarium...

Barry's Temple Of Godzilla
Creepy Classics - monster movies hq
The Ray Harryhausen Creature List
Classic Monsters - horror movie resource
B Monster (archive)
Ultraman TV series (
Johnny Sokko's Robot TV series on Yidio
Chronicles - Science Fiction and Fantasy Community
SciFi Station
Den of Geek
Den of Geek - Black Sails (pirates)
Can't Take the Sky - Firefly
babylonfive.neocities - a good Bab5 resource
Sector 001 - Star Trek simulation games
ST Archive
Encyclopedia Of Arda - huge Tolkien resource
Tolkien Gateway - huge Tolkien resource
The - Star wars
Classic Dr Who Series
Fortune and Glory - Indiana Jones forum
Indy Lounge
ERBZine - Edgar Rice Burroughs
ERB books online
Barsoomian - ERB Barsoom books online
Adelaide - Robert E Howard books online - REH books online (Ian Fleming novels section)
Starship Dimensions - Jeff Russell's giant starship scale poster
Dirk Loechel's Sci-fi Spaceship Comparison Chart
Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities - art and descriptions
Brian's Drive-In Theater
The Language of Mid-World (Dark Tower Glossary)
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
The Conan Completist - website dedicated to the movie Conan the Barbarian
The Comic Book Database
Writeups - in-depth character profiles from comics, games, movies
Comic Book Plus - online comics
Digital Comic Museum
Pulp Magazines Project
Open Culture - cool stuff online
Fury Comics
Comic Web - online comics
Legions of Gotham - all about Batman
The World's Finest - The DC Animated Resource
Marvel Animation Age - Marvel cartoons
ANIMATED - Marine Boy
WatchCartoonsOnline - Speed Racer episodes
Uncle Remus stories online - Gutenberg
World of Tales (Grimms tales section)
Grimms Fairy Tales online
Fire Mountain Gems
The Fossil Forum - fossil hunting
Fossil Era - fossils for sale Forums
Cave Chat Forums - geoscience, maps, much more - Rock, Gem and Mineral Shops in the United States
The Rock Shed
Moab Rock Shop
The Gem Shop
Mail Order Gems
Metaphysical Vibes - Crystals and Stones
VCoins - ancient coins seller
Old Coin Shop
Hidden San Diego
Antiquity Echoes - "An evocative journey through the abandoned"
Valhalla Horns - drinking horns
SCA Leather Armor - armor, clothing, replicas, accessories, more
Ironmonger Armory
Minneapolis Leather Co - leather pouches on Etsy
Dark Victory Armory - medieval belts, rattan, SCA basket hilts, etc on Etsy
Squat the Planet
Hitch the World
Make My Drive Fun - attractions to see along your route
Roadside America
Historic Route 66 - turn-by-turn description
Allstays - listings for US campgrounds, motels, truck stops, rest areas, etc
The American Discovery Trail
Traveling with Kristin - videos on world travel
Stargazers Lounge - astronomy forum
Cloudy Nights - astronomy forum
Interactive Online Planetarium
Meteor Showers Online
Stellarium - free open source planetarium for your computer
Earth and Moon Viewer and Solar System Explorer
Stargazing Network
The Sky LIVE - "Your guide to the Solar System and the night sky"
Smithsonian - digital library
Primitive Ways - primitive skills
Puget Sound Knappers
Wilderness College
Paleomanjim Youtube vids - flint knapping
Wilderness forums
Paleo Planet
Wildwood Survival
Scouting Resources - knots
Andy's Most Useful Knots
Foxfire - Appalachian heritage - books, magazines, locally-made goods, and more
Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen (paperback, Amazon)
Wild Edible, Foraging: How to Find Wild Food
Fandabi Dozi (traditional highlander skills)
Primitive Technology - Youtube channel
ITS Tactical / Imminent Threat Solutions
Old School Fishing Secrets
Basic Sailing Lessons (Kansas Sailing - Youtube)
Beginner's Sailing (yeadonsailingclub Youtube)
Sailing 101 with Richard Knight (CDNIS Sailing - Youtube)
Maryland School of Sailing (vids - Youtube)
NauticEd - online sailing courses
Nautilus Sailing - online sailing courses
Boatsafe - nautical terms
School of Sailing - nautical glossary
Military Factory - WWI aircraft
The Aerodrome - WWI aircraft
Military Factory - WWII aircraft
Aerospaceweb - Airplane Museum
History Central
World Naval Ships Forum
Military History Online
Combat Aircraft forum
The Shadowlands - ghost stories, haunted places
Mufon - UFO news
Crowded Skies links
Openminds TV - UFOs
Ancient Origins
Unexplained Mysteries Forum
The Cryptid Zoo
The Bigfoot Classics
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
North America Bigfoot Search
Legend of Nessie
The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register
Above Top Secret forum
National UFO Reporting Center
Rebel magic - learn tricks
Learn Magic
MLB online (baseball)
National Baseball Hall of Fame
MLB Classics Playlist(Youtube)
Classic Baseball Radio Broadcasts
Washington Redskins helmet section)
Pro Football Reference (Washington Redskins team)
Legends of NASCAR
NASCAR Hall of Fame
NASCAR Historical Database
Racing Legends Podcast - Stories of NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1
Race Fans Forever
Decades of Racing
Vintage Computer Forums
Carey Holzman - computer build vids
Eli The Computer Guy - networking, computer repair vids
The 8-Bit Guy
YBET Windows and DOS course, computer networks and hardware courses
Perifractic's Retro Recipes
tranquileye - hacker culture
ASCII Art Archive
ASCII Art Collection
1 Line Art
Star Wars Asciimation
Ascii Pictures by Allen Mullen
Ascii Picture Collections
Links to ASCII Art Web Pages
joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery
Bleeping Computer
Tech Support Guy
Tech Support Forum
Instructables: Yours for the making
Diamond Select Toys
BB TOY Store - Bandai Japan
The Armory - replicas
Diecast Direct
Classic Retro Toys (Retro Planet)
Retro Toys and Games (ETSY)
Tamiya Models
Basic Flying Lessons
Basic Flying Lessons
Flight Radar - All the planes in the sky
MZeroA Online Ground School
King Pilot Ground School
Gold Seal Online Ground School
Gleim Aviation Online Ground School
Ascent Ground School(lots of free info and resources)
Navy Flight Manuals - Air Combat Maneuvering Index
Desktop Aviator - flight simulator circuit boards and parts
My Pilot Store - training books, sims, aircraft supplies
FAA - Aviation Handbooks & Manuals PDF's
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Catalog of Active Space Probes
Random Google Street Views Around The World
Bizarre Stuff - Bizarre Labs
TV Tropes
Slang from the 70s
Fifties Web - 1950s, 60s and 70s
Retronaut - Photographic Time Machine
Anydice - Dice Probability Calculator
Online Guitar Tuner
What Was There - Historical photos of what was
WolframAlpha - What do you want to know about?
Satellite flybys
Map of global wind and weather conditions
Map of global ocean currents
reddit - blackmagicfuckery
Train Driver's View (Youtube)
In The 00s - The Pop Culture Information Society...
The Unknown Movies - The Obscure, Unknown, and Little Shown
Joe Scott - Youtube videos about many different topics
The Old Robots Website
The Document Which Used To Be Called The MIT Lockpicking Guide
New York Songlines - Virtual Walking Tours of Manhattan Streets
Pinball Rebel - pinball, jukeboxes, arcades, drive-ins...
the Giant List of Classic Game Programmers
highways-are-liminal-spaces (#Midwest Gothic - Tumblr)
Starring The Computer - Computers in Movies and Television
Electronic Plastic - museum of vintage hand-held and tabletop games
Cocodile Hunter Website (Steve Irwin)
Castles on the Web
Castles of the World
History of Mazes and Labyrinths
Faery Forest
Jo Edkins' Website Index
JACK MOUNT'S HOME PLACE .... (links to many subjects of interest)
FANDOM - Black Company Wiki
pointless sites
Graffiti From Pompeii
A Brief History of the Internet by Walt Howe
Every Noise At Once (examples of every musical genre in existence, lists of genres by country)
interactive fiction archive
The Alchemy Web Site (organized by Adam McLean)
Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions
Book Series In Order
"This is the travel photography site of Alfred Molon"
THE GREEK AGE OF BRONZE - Weapons and warfare in the late Helladic time 1600-1100 BC - Scotland history, clans, famous people
Damn Interesting - Science, History, and Psychology Since 2005
Lost Media Wiki
MetaFilter | Community Weblog
Something Awful Forums
Museum of Unnatural History
Every Celtic Thing on the Web: Angus Og's HOTLINKS TO THE CELTS
The Encyclopedia Mythica
Pib's Home on the Web - hobbies, mythology, pirates, cryptozoology, more
Here Be Dragons! - "online dragon resource for everything you want to know about dragons"
WindowSwap - "Open a new window somewhere in the world"
UbuWeb - a web-based educational resource for avant-garde material available on the internet - Exploring the History of Information and Media through Timelines
Wayne's This And That - huge website covering a variety of topics and interests
Model Ships in the Cinema
Model Aircraft in the Cinema
Kings Dominion(amusement park) Historical Maps
South Of The Border - "America’s favorite highway oasis & gateway to the southeast!"
Echo Gillette - Art and more
CollegeHumor - Adam Ruins Everything
truTV - Adam Ruins Everything
JoergSprave - The Slingshot Channel
Leeeeroy Jenkins
Ralph the Moviemaker - movie reviews
Modern History TV - explore the knight's world and living in Medieval times
Adam Savage’s Tested
Nerd of the Rings
Smarter Every Day
Smarter Every Day 2
Everything Music by Rick Beato
Star Wars Theory
Lore Star (Star Wars)
Corey's Datapad (Star Wars)
EckhartsLadder (Star Wars)
Matt Harding (Where the Hell is Matt?)
Drachinifel - historical naval ships/navies, naval battles
Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D. - some fascinating biblical scholarship
ColdFusion - Tech, Internet, History, Finance
Brass Goggles list of websites - An online home for the Steampunk movement
The Steampunk Tribune
The Steampunk Workshop - "The best animated airship" video
Project Cyberpunk - The Cyberpunk Library
Project Cyberpunk - Cyberpunk Book List
The Cyberpunk Reading List
Lulu - The World's Largest Independent Bookstore
RPGNOW - The Leading Source for Indie RPGs
DriveThru RPG - The Largest RPG Download Store!
Wargame Vault - The largest wargame download store
Dell Computers
Think Geek
Catawiki - Weekly auctions for special objects
VarageSale - Nationwide online garage sale
Surplus Gizmos
Indiegogo Product Marketplace
Skidmore's - Natural treatments for all the leather and wood in your life
Revzilla - motorcycle gear and accessories
BikeBandit - motorcycle parts
Cheap Cycle Parts
Ivan's Fast Bikes - best motorcycle repair shop in San Diego!
The website of Jamie Zawinski, one of the founders of Netscape
Richard Stallman's Personal Site
Justin Hall's personal site growing & breaking down since 1994
Grubb Street - Jeff Grubb's Ruminations, Comments, and Other Nonsense
Opposite Over Adjacent (Tumblr blog)
piero scaruffi - website about music, history, politics, philosophy, cinema, name it
Return to the 80s
Joel On Software
Dan Luu - understandable explanations of technical topics
Idle Words
EEvee - blog, art, devlog
Caitlin Johnstone blog - "I write about the end of illusions."
Linda's Nostalgia Place
The Home page of Randy Constan (alias Peter Pan)
Cate's Garage Sale Finds
(Ye Castle of) Anthony Thyssen
...some more of Anthony Thyssen
The Iconocaves
...and Iconoweb map
Richard Carrier Blogs - ancient philosophy, religion, and science, origins of Christianity
The travel photography site of Alfred Molon with over 35000 travel, nature, landscape and adventure photos
Jagow's Astronomy Pages
Mole Manor Observatory
Wilson's Warblers - "This site is decidated to wildlife and plants seen in the world around us."
Meaghan's Page
The Silver Elves blogspot
Elves in Paradise: The Enchanted Realms of the Silver Elves
The Obscuritory: For Games Unplayed and Unknown
Dinosaur Dracula - retro fun
Who is Tom Bombadil?
Motorcycle Touring On Freedom Road
Surreal 3D Art by David Camp
Christopher B. Siren's website - myths and legends, space science, SF, more
John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV
John Kenneth Muir blog old Wordpress blog
Haptalaon - Hearth & Horn / Chaos & Craft
Programming, Motherfucker
Zed Shaw blog
Alf's Room - Japanese hobby site with many interesting rooms
Foamy the Squirrel
McMansion Hell - architecture and architecture gone wrong
A reimagining of LOTR by Scrap Princess on Playing D&D With Porn Stars
DM of the Rings
Mr Plinkett's scathingly funny video reviews of the Star Wars Prequel abominations
Blur Studio - A Gentlemen's Duel (video)
The Duel At Blood Creek - Comedy short film
The Oracle of Bacon - find the Bacon Number of any actor
THACO: The Movie (2008)
Poem_for_your_sprog - reddit
Uncyclopedia - an amusing version of wikipedia
The Internet Oracle (a.k.a. The Usenet Oracle) (archived)
motherfucking website
Underground Network
Consortium News
21st Century Wire
Institute for Public Accuracy
Z Magazine
Xindex - the voice of free expression
The Political Compass - articles and podcasts
Medium - Dive deeper on topics that matter to you
Document Journal
Good News Network - Good news, Inspiring, Positive Stories
CNET - tech news
reddit: the front page of the internet
The Register
Orion Magazine - nature news
Collectors Weekly - news, culture, collectibles, vintage
All That's Interesting - History, Science, News
Slashdot - "News for nerds, stuff that matters"
Hacker News