Morgan Barimen
(Prince of Amber)

Psyche: 45
Strength: 20
Warfare: 45
Endurance: 45

Pattern Imprint(50)
Trump Artistry(40)
Shape Shifting(35)
Good Stuff(5)

Apparent age: late 20s
Hair: chestnut
Eyes: turquoise
Height: 6'
Weight: 175
Colors: burgundy & blue-green

Skills & Interests: engineering/electronics, piloting, sailing,
sabre fencing, antique collecting, guitar, baseball


* Born about 17 years(Amber Time) before the Corwin stories.
* Son of Oberon and Onya(an exile from the Courts who owns an inn
for Shadow travelers located on the Chaos side of Ygg)
* Morgan is a natural shapeshifter, learns sorcery and martial skills,
* "Secretly" follows Oberon back to Amber through Shadow on one of
his visits and walks the Pattern. Limited contact with other Amber
royals(primarily Fiona)
* Arrives in NYC during 1939 World's Fair at the age of 20
(one year after walking the Pattern in Amber)
* Enlists in USMC in 1942 as a fighter pilot in the South Pacific
(Hellcats and Corsairs), becomes squadron leader in 1943
* Agent for the IMF(Impossible Missions Force) from 1947 - 1961
* NASA astronaut/engineer, Project Gemini/Apollo 1962 - 1972
* Traveling, sailing, studying art and literature/playing music 1972 - 1977
* Departs Shadow Earth in the summer of 1977. Spends several decades in
high-tech shadows (mecha, lightsabres, warp drive)
* Reappears in Amber a little over 2 years after Merlin becomes king of Chaos

. . .