You are standing in the . . .


The floor is a mosaic of wine and ivory colored tile. The walls are of ornate mahogany panelling with crystal tipped electric sconces set at regular intervals. A tall wooden rack by the front door contains a number of hats - mostly fedoras - of varying styles and colors. A slender wooden lamp, shaped as a graceful elm, rests on a delicately carved wooden table beside the rack; one of its branches clasps a gently folded note. A number of doors lead off of the main passage and a carpeted wooden staircase leads up to the second floor.

A splendid holo-painting is enshrined within a candlelit recess in the hall foyer.

hall door Just to the left of the entrance is the front parlor.

And to the right, you can hear some sharp chirps and whistles coming from a round room just before the stairs. hall door

Just beyond the parlor is the living room.

hall door Further down the hall on the left is the library.

Down and on the right are the game room... hall door

...and the den. hall door well as another staircase leading down.

Just beyond the staircase is a threshold leading to a long hallway that runs east to west.

And beyond the threshold, at the far end of the hall, is a set of French doors standing open...

French doors