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This room runs half the length of the house. It is currently bathed in the soft opal light of the morning sun filtered through panels of diffused glass arrayed along the peak of the high, arched ceiling. The floor is of highly polished, deep cerulean and cloudy white marble tile. And tall, arched windows look out upon the sparkling bay just to the east. The gallery contains an eclectic mixture of art and sculpture collected from many worlds and times. Here are some collections of art from one of my favorite shadow Earths.

Statue of Apollo. Temple of Apollo at the ruins of Pompeii Google Art Project

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An art studio opens off of the gallery and is the second level of the tower, just above the Round Room. It contains a wooden easel, colored pigments, and several large sketchbooks scattered haphazardly upon a small glass table. Here, one may find many useful lessons on various drawing techniques.

A threshold draped with strings of beads opens across the gallery from the art studio.
There is a door through a wide archway on the west wall.
A long hallway intersects the gallery at its north end.